Lord of Lewds v1.0.01 Mod APK (High DMG)

Last updated: 03/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.01
MOD Info:High DMG
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Coming to Lord of Lewds, you will experience a gameplay that combines adventure, strategy and dating. This is a gameplay unmatched in any other game.

Introducing Lord of Lewds

Lord of Lewds is a product of the developer LT Games, which was just released not too long ago. It is not released on app stores like Google Play or AppStore. So you can just download our Lord of Lewds MOD APK version.

Accordingly, this game is developed with a gameplay that combines many attractive elements, along with extremely eye-catching images. If you are single, this game will surely satisfy you! Before downloading the game to experience, you can refer a bit about its content through the introduction below.

Story of the game

The game is set in China during the ancient war period. Where many small Kingdoms, Empires formed without being ruled by anyone. Each King, General wants to conquer neighboring countries to make his Kingdom the strongest and richest. The one who can defeat them all and rise to power is the Sovereign! And then the War of the Empires began to happen.

Join the game, you can choose for yourself a Kingdom to build and develop. Use your leadership to make the Kingdom even stronger. When you are strong enough, bring your troops to conquer all the neighboring Empires. When you have gained prestige and power, everything belongs to you. From there, you can inherit everything from the places that you beat. Especially beautiful girls you can bring back to your harem. And of course, you can “date” any girl you want.

Conquer all empires

Your task in this game is to conquer all neighboring empires and kingdoms to merge into the largest and most powerful Kingdom. Therefore, you must have the mindset of a leader. Let’s build your country from scratch, until you are strong enough to start fighting.

However, the strategic element in the game’s matches is not so important. For the ultimate purpose of wars, it is to get the most beautiful beauties in your harem. However, it is not too easy for you to conquer. You still have to have a reasonable strategy to defeat the enemy. From there, all the people, soldiers and beauties of the enemy must obey you.

Dating extremely beautiful girls

The strategic element in the game is just secondary. New dates are the main attraction of the game, which many players love most in this game. Every time you conquer a country, you will get to your harem the most beautiful beauties in that place. After the fights, you can chat with them intimately and flirt with them. Once you’ve gained trust, you can go on a date with them. And in those days, you could date many different girls comfortably.

Image design

The reason why the game’s dating feature is so popular is because the visual design in the game is extremely impressive. The most prominent is the character creation. Surely any player to be seduced by the girls in Lord of Lewds. They are shaped in the ancient Chinese style. As you know, Chinese girls are famous for their beautiful ancient costumes. In particular, the costumes in the game are beautifully designed. They are designed to combine both classic and modern, bringing enchanting beauty to those girls.

MOD APK version of Lord of Lewds

MOD features

  • Menu MOD.
  • Skill DMG x10.
  • (If the Menu does not appear, please restart the game, the Menu round button will appear for you to enable the MOD feature).

Download Lord of Lewds MOD APK latest for Android

Overall, Lord of Lewds brings a new gameplay and extremely beautiful images, making anyone who plays the game mesmerized. With this game, single guys will definitely like it. It can bring joy and happiness to the beautiful and charming girls in the harem. And here will be the link to download Lord of Lewds MOD APK game for you!

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