Shelter 69 v1.2.261 Mod APK (God Mode, Weak Enemy)

Last updated: 07/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.2.261
MOD Info:God Mode, Weak Enemy
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Nutaku has just released a new adventure role-playing game, called Shelter 69. This continues to be an extremely attractive combination of adventure and dating game for you.

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Introducing the game Shelter 69

Shelter 69 is developed by JNT. This developer has created two quite famous games, Pocket Waifu and Brazzers The Game. And it is published by Nutaku Publishing, on the Nutaku platform. You cannot find it on the official app store. In this article, REDMOD gives you two versions to choose from. You can play the original from Nutaku’s homepage, or our Shelter 69 MOD APK.

The story of a country without men

Have you ever thought that you live in a world full of women, you are the only man and are loved by them? That of course never happened in real life, but only in the game Shelter 69.

The story of the game begins after a failed apocalypse, when the world almost collapsed. It is assumed that the entire human race will perish after the end of the world. The day when the fire didn’t stop burning, and the nukes exploded everywhere. But not everyone believes that. Those who had any hope of survival, they built defensive military bases, solid bunkers.

But then the apocalypse still came, those who were lucky to hide in the bunker survived. But single chromosome changes cause the world’s men to die. Strangely, you are the only man alive. And you have to start a new life after this terrible fall.

Building a new life after the collapse of the world

The number of people still alive after the apocalypse is also quite large, because they are all hiding in strong military bases. And you together with them must start a new life full of difficulties. When in a world full of women, you will encounter many troubles, and there are also romantic stories about love. You will be adventure in a new land after the apocalypse.

Most of the rest of the women adore you, seeing you as their savior. And of course, everyone wants to earn your trust. But there are also some people who just want to take advantage of you to reclaim new lands and develop for them. There are also a lot of enemies appearing, they compete for territory and want to own you. Your main task is to develop a new abode in the wilderness, new. And you must defeat the enemies, protect your girls.

Interact with the characters in the game

The role-playing battles in the game Shelter 69 are just secondary, mainly interactive stories between you and the game’s character system. The game has more than 40 different characters for you to interact with. You decide everything with them, because you are the one they trust the most. You can direct them to do anything. Even flirting, dating beautiful girls. Of course, you need to talk skillfully to get their feelings, before starting a dream love affair.

Beautiful pictures

Although only possessing 2D graphics, the image quality of Shelter 69 is quite impressive. The most prominent part is the character creation. The girls in the game, each with their own beauty and charm. But they have one thing in common that is extremely hot bodies, like photo models. Therefore, the dates with them will be extremely attractive, you will definitely like them.

MOD APK version of Shelter 69

MOD features

  • God Mode;
  • Slow enemy attack speed;
  • Enemy’s health reduced;
  • The enemy has no defense.
  • Note: You need to use Bypass to not be locked out of your account.

Download Shelter 69 MOD APK latest for Android

As can be seen, the game Shelter 69 brings a new and attractive experience. It gives you both adventure, building a place, and dating beautiful girls. If you are a single person, surely this game will make you feel happy and joyful. Right now, download Shelter 69 MOD APK to start experiencing it!

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