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Latest Version:1974
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Come to Crystal Maidens, you will experience an extremely attractive dating role-playing game. Surely you have not played a game like it.

Introduce about Crystal Maidens

Crystal Maidens is published by Nutaku Publishing, on the platform. This game is developed by another unit, Super Hippo. Accordingly, the game is developed with a fantasy plot, role-playing gameplay with an extremely eye-catching Anime visual style. The game was released a long time ago, but until now it is still loved by many players.


The game takes you to a fantasy world where magic and beautiful female warriors appear. The beautiful world of the girls here has been influenced by a dark force. A powerful Mage appeared and manipulated and controlled these girls to fight meaninglessly. They are forced to fight, their wish is to be freed and return to peace. They need the help of a hero. That’s you!

You are the one chosen to rescue the girls, as well as save the world. Your task is to summon the remaining girls, fight the enemy to free the captives. In the battle journey, your girls will serve you in everything. Not only fighting, they are also girls who know how to love and care for you.

Character system

Crystal Maidens game offers a fairly diverse character system. Most of the game’s main characters are girls. They have their own beauties, but one thing in common is their extremely attractive bodies. Their charm is also reflected in the diverse and unique outfits. Because it is a fantasy world, the character creation will be a bit different from normal humans.

In terms of combat ability, each character has their own skills and combat abilities. In addition to summoning new characters, you also have to develop skills and upgrade their strength. That is to ensure that you can defeat strong opponents later.

Role-playing gameplay

The gameplay of the game is quite simple. When the enemy has invaded the beautiful island, they scattered soldiers in many bases. Your task is to bring your warriors to those places to defeat them, regain the area. You will solve each level, through each location to conquer. Through each location, you will collect new characters to accompany you.

In the game, you only need to choose the character. They will automatically fight under your command. But you have to choose the character appropriately to easily win. After defeating the soldiers, you will face powerful BOSSs. You need to use many characters to defeat them.

In addition to the story mode, Crystal Maidens also offers an extremely attractive PvP arena. This mode lets you fight with other players around the world. And there will be a ranking system to honor the players with the best achievements. You have to take your girls to beat every player, trying to reach the top 1 on the leaderboard.


Game Crystal Maidens not only has boring battle scenes, but also has extremely attractive dating scenes. After the matches, you can date the girls in your harem. While dating, you can save those moments in the Gallery section. Then you can watch it again whenever you want. But you have to let them fight enough battles, and gain trust in order for you to date them.

Stunning graphics

Graphics of Crystal Maidens are developed with 2D quality. But the image and environment in the game are designed as 3D images. Therefore, you will see it as beautiful as a 3D game. As introduced, the most prominent part of the image is the character creation. They possess a unique beauty and are extremely sexy. That beauty can make every guy swoon.

MOD APK version of Crystal Maidens

MOD features

Unlock All Images: You need Unit to unlock your character’s Pics.

Download Crystal Maidens MOD APK latest version for Android

Overall, Crystal Maidens has a simple but interesting gameplay. And the appeal of the game definitely comes from your hot “dating” scenes with the girls in your harem. But with the Crystal Maidens MOD APK, you can admire the entire unlocked image. As a result, you will save more time playing the game. You can download it now!

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