Madfut 21 v1.3.2 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 25/05/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.3.2
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Package:Google Play Link

If you love managing and developing a team then come to Madfut 21 game. Build your team, conquer every tournament in the form of simulator. Pay attention to team strategy building, it’s super important! Our MOD APK version will help you have a lot of money to build a squad.

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Introduce game Madfut 21

The game Madfut 21 is released by the manufacturer of the same name in 2021. This is the best game for those who are football fans. Specializing in coaching and management work. With a variety of tournaments, including the top leagues in the world, you will show off your leadership skills. Build the squad you love the most and start your journey now!

Team building

The first important thing you need to do is build a squad. Although it is only a draft, you need to do it to have money to buy many other players. Madfut 21 owns the copyrights of many world famous players. Surely, your favorite player will be on this list. Start from amateur players and compete in amateur leagues. You need to prove your strength right from even the smallest tournaments.

Why is there a superstar player in the squad? Simply because they will help your strategy work more smoothly. Super players with good skills, they will create accurate passes, good shots. Or in defensive situations, the ability to judge and tackle the ball will bring safety to the goal. Therefore, you always have to spend money to buy such players so that they help you to play the game.

Tactical creation

Without a strategy, you will always stay where you are! Have you seen matches where the higher rated team lost? That’s the strategy! When you create an inappropriate strategy in the match, all your actions will be captured by the opponent. Therefore, you always have to invent new tactics and change it in each match. If your attack is strong enough, try your hand at a total attack strategy! It seems to be a tactic that many coaches and fans alike love.

Great rewards with quests and achievements

You can earn money from various sources in this game. From daily quests, achievements and even winning tournaments. Daily tasks are extremely easy to do, you absolutely should not skip them. You will get a lot of Exp and money for each mission. Exp is extremely important because it helps you level up to unlock more features. The rest, achievements and tournament championships will bring huge amounts of money for you to upgrade your squad. At that time, you can freely buy the players you love. Not only to fit the style of play, but also therefore the player you’ve wanted to own for a long time.

Player card

Not only buying players directly in the transfer market, you can also try your luck with player cards. In the game Madfut 21, there are many attractive cards for players to get. Who knows, when your luck comes, you can open football superstars without spending a lot of money to buy. Player card in addition to the mission, you can buy it directly in the shop. Buy the card at a high price, you will have a high chance of opening a superstar.

Graphics, sound

Bring yourself management gameplay and match simulation, so Madfut 21 does not have too eye-catching graphics. You also do not need to manipulate through much because there is no need to control the player. What you need to do is create a strategy and apply it in matches. Therefore, this game is not too focused on graphics, but only develops gameplay. The match screen will display the full match record, heat chart… The game will be simulated through dots and balls on a grass field. Looking at it you can also imagine an attractive match image.

Sound is also extremely important in all games. Madfut 21 integrates background music, audience sounds, game sounds, referee whistles… You’ll always feel like a passionate coach off the Pitch and directing tactics in one game. real match.

MOD APK version of Madfut 21

Tính năng MOD

  • Unlimited Money: Scroll down to the bottom of the sale of card packs in the game, buy a silver package, your money will be added 5,000,000 with each purchase.

Download Madfut 21 MOD APK for Android

Madfut 21 is the most popular team management game today. It constantly updates the gameplay to bring something new to everyone. No need for eye-catching graphics, but the game still creates a great attraction because of its attractive gameplay. You can make your name in football history by winning all the top leagues. It’s great isn’t it! Start your journey now by downloading the APK file below.

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