Soccer Star 2021 Football Card v1.28.2 Mod APK (Free Gift)

Last updated: 10/05/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.28.2
MOD Info:Free Gift
Publisher:Redvel Sports Games
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When you become as famous and rich as Ronaldo or Messi, what do you do? Build a magnificent villa or buy a super car? But first, you need to start your journey to be a great player. All this is clearly simulated in the game Soccer Star 2021 Football Card. Download the game for you to begin your one-foot journey in the “temple” of world legends. Our MOD APK version will give you lots of free gifts without watching ads.

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Introduce game Soccer Star 2021 Football Card

Soccer Star 2021 Football Card is an American football game published by Redvel Sports Games. You can know many other similar games, but for sure this is the game with the best graphics. Besides that is the addictive gameplay and diverse features. Win every championship, you will enter world football history.


This game does not need you to have flexible hand gestures to experience. All you need to do is think to create attack or defense directions. After each pass, the screen will slow down so you draw the next ball. In attack, you can draw line passes, subtle slits … Finally, the perfect shot to bring the home team goal. In defense, swipe left and right to let your goalkeeper fly to block the shot or let the defender block the ball. During this time, your ability to judge the situation will be extremely important.

Collect football cards

Card Player

In order to create the line and the ball, you need to own the outstanding player. The same pass or shot, amateurs will have a higher failure rate. Therefore, tactical intelligence is not enough. A talented coach can hardly succeed if he does not possess quality players.

There are many ways that you own the card quality players. You can buy in the shop, getting from tasks and events … Especially, if there is a lot of money, then you can try your luck with the treasures in store. If ownership Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar in the team, you did grasp the victory.

Epic card

Epic cards come in many different categories, each with its own features. It can be strategy cards, level cards, shoe cards, fitness cards … You can use them to improve the quality of your squad. Especially the tactical card, it can help you impose your gameplay on your opponent. So you can easily deploy the ball as you want.

Many tournaments

You will kick off your journey in the American amateur league. This is the first step for you to conquer higher tournaments. You will progress gradually to the US first division, then to the world. You can start going to Europe to play against top football teams. This is also the place to become famous and make a lot of money. Help your team conquer every tournament, you will set one foot in the temple of world football legend.

Make a lot of money and upgrade your house

When you participate in top tournaments, you will make a lot of money. From there, you can upgrade your house. Turn a simple house into a spacious villa full of modern equipment. Besides, you can collect more super cars, expand the pool … You will live as a millionaire with your football talent. This is a feature that similar games do not have. Not only shows a burning passion for football, Soccer Star 2021 Football Card also helps you to unleash your creativity in decorating your home.


Soccer Star 2021 Football Card gives you beautiful and vivid 3D graphics. The top-notch visual effects, highly detailed images bring you the real experience of an exciting match. Besides, this game also has extremely modern match analysis technology. That way you can realize which good ball you have missed. The sounds from the match, the audience and the background music will inspire everyone to play.

MOD APK version of Soccer Star 2021 Football Card

MOD feature

  • Free Gifts: you can receive many valuable gifts without watching ads

Download Soccer Star 2021 Football Card MOD APK for Android

Through experience, we found that Soccer Star 2021 Football Card is really an attractive game. It’s perfect from content, gameplay to graphics. Coming to this game, you will experience a top football. A football that anyone looking at must admire its beauty. So hesitate that you don’t join us right now!

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