Football Manager 2021 Mobile v12.1.0 Mod APK (Free Shopping)

Last updated: 01/03/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:12.1.0
MOD Info:Free Shopping
Package:Google Play Link

Enter the world of Football Manager 2021 Mobile and you will be able to manage your own football team. This is a match simulator game where you show ultimate strategic thinking. Not only that, you can also shop yourself on the transfer market, bring all the players you love to your team. You can join tournaments big and small and bring glory to the team. Are you ready ?

Introducing Football Manager 2021 Mobile

Gameplay with 100% thinking

You do not need to show the player control skills like in regular soccer games. What you need to do when playing this game is to arrange the team, plan the strategy. In other words, you are a passionate coach outside the pitch. You need to track the pace and the progress of the match to make the right changes. Change players as soon as there are factors that make you unhappy. Do everything to win the match, you will be a great coach.

Join tournaments

Football Manager 2021 Mobile owns the rights to more than 60 large and small tournaments around the world. First, you need to be more mature in small tournaments. Just be in the top 3, you will gain promotion. When you reach the highest league of the country of your choice, this will be the real top soccer battlefield. You will have to play against top teams with top coaches. Intense intelligence matches take place, you need to prove your strength, how to look at the problem to achieve good results. Winning the highest tournament is when you assert your talent.

Buying players

The transfer market is always active every time it opens. This is when you need to find new factors that fit your strategy. Use the bonuses and buy yourself the top players in the world. Have you ever thought you would lead players like Messi, Ronaldo, Hazard … With Football Manager 2021 Mobile, you will have every player in hand, leading them to glory.

Player training

You can upgrade the player’s stats through training features. You will have to spend a lot of money to bring the players around the world to practice. When time is over, their main stats will be increased significantly. For example, the striker will maximize the stats such as shot, speed, dribbling, header … Not only that, the striker can also upgrade the defense stats if you want to train them. However, this will be time consuming and costly because the initial index is very low. You need to be really patient to create a complete player.

Graphics, sound

Football Manager 2021 Mobile is designed with simple 2D graphics. The players will be simulated under small dots to show their movement and position. However, viewing player information will still have their Face In game. The sound of the audience will be inserted into each dangerous ball phase to create a more authentic feeling for the player.

MOD APK version of Football Manager 2021 Mobile

MOD feature

  • Free shopping: You can buy any player without having enough money. Comfortably train players to achieve the highest stats, buy stadiums …

Important Note

We removed the license check and added purchase support via Lucky Patcher. You need to install Lucky Patcher and launch it (no root required) and do the following steps:

  • Turn on Google’s payment simulator – Install and open the game – Select the desired player or item – the window appears and you select “Yes” – wait 10 seconds and the transaction is successful.

You need to make sure to install the game and the latest version Lucky Patcher for the most accurate transactions. Please visit RedMod regularly to be able to update to the latest versions.

Download Football Manager 2021 Mobile MOD APK for Android

Conquer all top tournaments with your coaching and managerial talent. Football Manager 2021 Mobile MOD APK will help you have the most wonderful experience. Are you ready to experience this great game right away? You just need to click on the link below to proceed with the download and installation. You will need to pay $ 8.99 for Google Play to get the official version. However, in this article, you can download it completely free.

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