Head Basketball v4.2.1 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 30/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:4.2.1
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 2.3+
Publisher:D&D Dream
Package:Google Play Link

Download Head Basketball MOD APK to enjoy the world’s most simple yet addictive basketball game! Even if you do not love anything, this sport will have to spend hours playing because it is extremely attractive.

Introduce about Head Basketball

From the ghostly flames of Korea to the captain of the England team, it all comes together in this fighting basketball game. Head Basketball is a product of D&D Dream with a humorous cartoon graphic style. It provides moments of comfortable entertainment through the matches you create yourself. Grow your basketball team and get ready for the toughest tournaments.

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Head Basketball has over 44 different characters to choose from. Each character has a special appearance, even a buffalo in it. Choose your favorite characters to form the most powerful basketball team. The unique skills of the characters will greatly affect the overall gameplay of the whole team. If you know how to combine their abilities, you will surely win easily. Earn lots of money to unlock your favorite athletes and start training.

More details about the character, each person will have a special move. For example, Arabia has the ability to release snakes that cling to the opponent’s body, making them unable to move. Thanks to that, he can freely throw the ball into the basket without any difficulty. Meanwhile, the Korean guy will create an electric energy flow around his body. If the opponent touches him, they will be shocked and stunned for a few seconds. Depending on the battle and the situation, you can choose the character accordingly.

Basketball fight

Why did I use the word fight and not play basketball? The reason is because this game is no different from a fighting match. Chaos is the most appropriate word to describe the course of the matches. Although there was only one person per team, it was enough to create smoke and dust to mess up the whole match. Your only goal is to get the ball into the opponent’s net at any cost. Because of this nature, this game has a very clear fighting style.

The rules of Head Basketball are very simple. In the allotted time, whoever scores more points wins. The number of points for each shot will depend on the beauty or the distance scored. The two sides are constantly fighting, you can do anything including defeating the opponent. As long as you get the ball into the net it’s always valid.

About your character, they will have a health bar and an energy bar. When you are attacked by an opponent, the health bar will gradually decrease. When exhausted, you will be stunned for a while, waiting for the health bar to recover before you can continue the match. Therefore, try to dodge all attacks by using Counter Attack at the right time. The energy bar allows you to use your special skills. It builds up based on your basic actions and over time.


Like many other games, Head Basketball’s button arrangement is similar. On the left are the buttons to move left or right. On the right side of the screen will be the action control buttons of the character. This game doesn’t have skill combos so it’s also easier for everyone to play. When controlling the character, you just need to try to move reasonably and choose the right time to attack the opponent. Their skills are completely counterable if you time them properly. Your quick hand movements will play an important role in the whole match.


Head Basketball is built with cartoon-style graphics. The characters with big heads are extremely funny, the game context is vibrant and bustling. Matches are like intense fights where opponents are always looking for ways to defeat the other. That is why it gives players a feeling of comfort and relaxation. The beautiful skill effects are also a highlight that I find impressive. The vibrant sound from the fans and the whole match created a lively and dramatic atmosphere.

MOD APK version of Head Basketball

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money

Download Head Basketball MOD APK latest version for Android

Head Basketball brings you a whole new style of basketball. With only one person per team, it is still possible to create dramatic matches every second. Many in-game upgrades help you develop your athlete to the highest level. Every match is an enjoyable, relaxing and comfortable experience. Enjoy this simple basketball game with us now!

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