NBA Ball Stars v1.7.1 Mod APK (MOD Skill)

Last updated: 13/08/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.7.1
MOD Info:MOD Skill
Publisher:Netmarble US
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NBA Ball Stars will satisfy your passion for basketball. Take charge of the NBA Team, create custom squads and bolster your squad as you battle for the championship. To become the strongest club in the top basketball leagues in the world, would you like to give it a try? Win every game with our MOD APK version, you can consider using it.

Introduce game NBA Ball Stars

NBA Ball Stars is a combination of a match-3 game and basketball. Fast-paced action gameplay and great skills will keep you engaged from the very first experience. NBA Ball Stars’ quick, intense, and accessible matches make every moment and every move important. Climb the world leaderboards and win all the titles for your team!

Basketball team management

Entering the first stage, you need to choose any team to directly manage. Recommended teams are among the top in the world. If you like a particular team, you can find and choose. Then it is time to choose the first character you want to train. Naturally the greatest players will not be included on this list. You can only choose normal characters and train to participate in tournaments.

Strategy your team based on the skills of each player. Each player will have his or her own tendency to play. Therefore, through the training process you need to recognize their position and forte of play. From there, create the most sensible strategy to shape your team’s gameplay.

The NBA superstars

Once your team has a reputation, it’s time to bring in the world’s top NBA stars. Giannis Antetokounmpo, James Harden, Steph Curry and many other great NBA greats are ready to join your team. However, this will not be easy because the recruitment money is extremely large. With a new football team like you, this is just beyond imagination. Therefore, do well in tournaments to bring in a lot of bonuses.

Exciting tournaments

NBA Ball Stars owns a system of many levels of tournaments from amateur to professional. You will have to reach the top 3 per tournament to gain promotion. Until you reach the top league, you will have the opportunity to compete with the top teams. That is the special attraction that every NBA Ball Stars player wants to experience. Bring back the gallery of the most prestigious cups, you will be the world’s top manager. Enroll in NBA history with your talent!

Match simulation with match-3 gameplay

Unlike regular basketball games, NBA Ball Stars uses familiar match-3 gameplay to help players perform attack or defense. You touch the area with the most balls of the same color to store energy for the player. There are 2 energy bars for you to store, namely:

  • Energy bar of the match: each ball phase, the screen will show a random color bar. Break the balls of the same color as the bar to make the attack hit. After 4 turns, the more balls of the same color you can break, the higher the score will be.
  • Player energy bar: Each player will own a different color. While you break the balls to perform attacks, at the same time you will also accumulate energy for the player. Once fully loaded, touch the player to let them perform their skills. The odds are 100% to score, take advantage of this!

You will score more points through long combos, eat fast, and more!

Training player

Upgrade your Attack / Defense skills for your players. This will help the success rate per attack higher. This is really essential when you play in the highest leagues. Each score is precious, don’t miss it!


NBA Ball Stars has graphics that are not inferior to any similar game. Sharp and extremely vivid 3D graphics create the most realistic matches. Especially, the simulation of the player’s moves is very smooth and delicate like real-life NBA stars. Besides the sound of the audience, the commentary will give you the experience of great matches.

MOD APK version of NBA Ball Stars

MOD feature

Using our MOD APK version, you will get features:

  • MOD Skill : You can always use your skills in battle without accumulating energy. This keeps you up to score and wins easily.

Download NBA Ball Stars MOD APK for Android

Challenge every top team in today’s most exciting basketball game NBA Ball Stars. Show your ability to manage, train your players to beat all the strongest teams and bring prestigious cups to the traditional room. Combined with classic match-3 gameplay, NBA Ball Stars will bring you many exciting experiences.

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