SUPER SIDEKICKS ACA NEOGEO APK v1.0 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 28/04/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 9.0+
Package:Google Play Link

SUPER SIDEKICKS ACA NEOGEO has been officially released! This legendary football game is back, supporting for Android for players to have a more enjoyable experience.


Accordingly, SUPER SIDEKICKS ACA NEOGEO was released at the end of April recently. It marks the return of the legendary SUPER SIDEKICKS name. And the game is sold on Google Play for $ 3.99, you only need to buy it once and play it for free forever. And during the game, you also don’t have to pay for in-app purchases.

About the brand SUPER SIDEKICKS

You may not know, SUPER SIDEKICKS is a famous sports game brand of SNK. They are also a long-standing game company from Japan, famous all over the world. And the SUPER SIDEKICKS series of games appeared first in 1992, then released two new versions in 1994 and 1995. This series of games received the love of a large number of players around the world. With only classic gameplay and simple graphics, this game is still popular until now.

Until now, celebrating this series of games for 30 years, SNK has brought this legendary game to the mobile platform. Accordingly, SUPER SIDEKICKS ACA NEOGEO is the game mentioned. It is a modified version to suit the mobile platform, while the gameplay and visuals still inherit completely from the originals released before.

Interesting sports gameplay

The gameplay of SUPER SIDEKICKS ACA NEOGEO is quite simple. It is still set up like other games of the same genre. You will collect football players into your squad. After the training process, you can take them to participate in the most exciting football tournaments. You have the opportunity to conquer dramatic tournaments, bring home the most prestigious trophies.

The rules for playing football in the game are still the same as the rules of playing football in real life. But the time in the game only takes a few minutes. During that time, you have to score on the opponent’s goal, while also protecting your team’s goal. Until the time is up, the team that scores more goals will be the winner.

Simple controls

The way to control players in this mobile version is still the same as the original on Console. You still use the buttons like move direction, pass the ball, steal the ball and shoot the ball. But the change is that you use the touch button on the screen, not the hard button on the handset. With this control, you can easily experience the game without connecting to any other device.

Classic graphics

With today’s advanced technology, SNK has the ability to remake SUPER SIDEKICKS with a high-quality 3D graphics background. However, they want to bring the classic, legendary image of this game brand to players. Therefore, this game is still developed in a classic style. It’s a pixel style 2D graphic background. All images and character creation in the game are extremely simple. And the character movement in the match is not as smooth as today’s sports games. But that classic brings back fond memories for players.

With such classic graphics, the size of the game is quite small. With only 50MB, you can download and experience this exciting game. And it also does not require high configuration of gaming devices.



As mentioned, the game SUPER SIDEKICKS ACA NEOGEO sells for $3.99. Therefore, many players cannot own this game. There are many reasons why they cannot buy the game. For example no money, or no online payment account,… So SUPER SIDEKICKS ACA NEOGEO APK version was created for them. This version is completely free. However, if you can, buy the game at Google Play to support the developer.

Note: This game requires quite high operating system. You must use a device with Android 9.0 or higher to play the game. It may not be compatible with some Android emulators.

Download SUPER SIDEKICKS ACA NEOGEO APK latest version for Android

SUPER SIDEKICKS ACA NEOGEO was released in partnership with SNK and Hamster Corporation. They wanted to bring many of the classic games on NEOGEO into the modern gaming environment. Those versions all adopt the ACA NEOGEO line. And right now, you can download this game for free to experience it!

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