Driving School Sim v10.13 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 02/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:10.13
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Publisher:Ovidiu Pop
Package:Google Play Link

Driving School Sim MOD APK – Ovidiu Pop’s newest driving simulator game. As you know, Ovidiu Pop is a famous game developer for driving simulation games, racing games.

Introducing Driving School Sim

Game Driving School Sim was just released a few days ago for Android and iOS platforms. Join the game, you will have the opportunity to own modern supercars and drive them anywhere.

Diverse vehicle system

In the game Driving School Sim, you are immersed in the world of super cars and choose them to walk anywhere. Drive Sports Cars, SUVs, Sedans, Super Cars, Hypercars and hatchbacks! You will easily see your favorite cars in real life in this game. In particular, this will be an interesting game for those who love super cars. They will have a chance to own them without losing any money.

Control system

As for the control system, the Driving School Sim is developed in line with previous Ovidiu Pop products. The game will still give you two options on how to control your car. You can play with the virtual steering wheel or use the two basic controls: left and right. Ideally, you should choose the driving mode by steering wheel for the best feeling.

Multiple game modes and maps

Game Driving School Sim is both a driving simulation game and racing game. You can play with your friends during the ride for free. Or join the online multiplayer mode. And the most interesting mode will of course be the real-time multiplayer racing mode. In addition, the game is divided according to many different levels for new players and professional players. Examples include Career Levels, Study Modes, Events, Race and more!

You can also conquer huge maps that are extremely large. It could be famous cities, mountain roads, desert landscapes and icy and snowy roads, …

Realistic graphics

We cannot fail to mention the excellent graphics quality of the Driving School Sim game. It is developed with stunning high-quality 3D graphics. In terms of shaping, the game is inspired by the designs of the world’s famous car brands today. Therefore, you will easily own the cars you love. You will be driving them adventure everywhere with a very authentic feeling. In addition to the visual effects, sound effects vivid for more attractive games.

Main features

  • Collect super car collection for up to 150 different cars
  • The actual map system is extremely diverse, giving you the freedom to explore
  • Smooth driving, on beautiful roads
  • Realistic driving license system by type such as car, bus and truck
  • More than 80 challenging levels are waiting for you to conquer
  • Diverse game modes for beginners to pros
  • Detailed car interior system for you to customize and change
  • Improved damage system to ensure good vehicle performance
  • Gas filling system at the gas station, Manual transmission with clutch, Tilt steering, buttons and steering wheel
  • Online leaderboards and achievements for players around the world
  • The sound is extremely realistic and vivid
  • Help your game play with your Controller!

MOD APK version of Driving School Sim

Unlimited Money: In the game there are many things you need to upgrade and buy new such as vehicles, car accessories. And of course, you need a lot of money to do it. But for those who are busy, they cannot have time to play games and make a lot of money. So we offer you the Unlimited Money feature, so you can spend it comfortably. If you have plenty of time and don’t want to cheat, please play the original from Google Play.

Download Driving School Sim MOD APK for Android

Driving School Sim is the latest driving simulator game that you should not miss. It owns the latest and most modern super car collection for you to explore. Along with high quality graphics will give you a more authentic experience than ever. Do not lose your time, right here will be the download link for Driving School Sim MOD APK for you.

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