Love Affairs : story game v2.6.2 Mod APK (Free Premium Choices)

Last updated: 05/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:2.6.2
MOD Info:Free Premium Choices
Requires:Android 5.0
Package:Google Play Link

Recently, the entertainment market is very fond of the Visual Novel game genre. Therefore, game developers also regularly release new products in this style. And the fascinating simulation game that we introduce in this article is Love Affairs : story game.

Introduce about Love Affairs : story game

The new Love Affairs game was released a few days ago by The game is now available on Google Play for free. You can download the experience now. However, you should refer to the introduction to Love Affairs below to make it easier to play the game. In addition, we also bring you the Love Affairs MOD APK version at the end of the article.


If you’re a fan of the Visual Novel game genre, you’ve probably heard of, or another name, Lucydream. They are a famous developer from Korea. Most of the games they release have such simulated gameplay. Each of their products is loved by a large number of players. Among them can be mentioned names such as Mayday Memory: CHOICE SF Otome, Killing Kiss: BL story game,… Love Affairs: story game is the latest product released in’s simulation game series. Surely this game will receive the attention of global players in the near future.

Diverse content

The Visual Novel game genre has two basic types. One is that the game only has a single storyline throughout the game experience. The game has many different stories, each story has a different plot and theme for players to choose from. And Love Affairs is a game with many unique stories for players to freely experience and explore fascinating novels.

The stories in the game have many different styles. Romance, Drama, Mystery, Horror and many more interesting topics are waiting for you to explore. Each genre has its own characteristics and appeal, bringing its own unique experience to players. Therefore, you will not be bored every time you play Love Affairs.

With many different stories, you can play as many main characters to start thrilling stories. Starting the stories, you can be a spy, a princess, a heroine or any other identity. Here is a list of featured stories in this title:

  • Undercover Romance;
  • Romantic Kingdom;
  • Magical Touch;
  • Don’t mix but shake;
  • My Policeman;
  • Who is liar?;
  • Behind your back;
  • And many more interesting stories updated every week!

Simulation and exploration gameplay

Still the same familiar gameplay as the previous products, Love Affairs: story game has simulation gameplay, exploring unique stories. You will still be the creator of content novels with endings of your choice. In each story, you can play in your own style. You can change your style by impersonating each of the main characters of the game.

Through each choice, the game’s story will go in a different direction. Through many decisions and choices, the game brings an ending for you. So the same story but you can play multiple times to create different endings. That helps you not to be bored when playing, because the content of each story is not too long. Step into Love Affairs to experience new lives through unique stories!

Character customization

In each story, you play as a different character. Most of them are pretty girls. And most importantly, the character creation in the game is extremely eye-catching. At first glance, the image of Love Affairs is not much different from the released games of But if you look closely, you can see that each character in the game has its own beauty and nuance. In general, character creation is always an impressive point of this Korean developer.

Not only beautiful in face and body, the character in Love Affairs also has extremely beautiful costumes. Every time a new character appears, you can customize the appearance for that character. It can be skin color, hair color, eye style, hair style, or gorgeous and luxurious outfits.

Unique graphics

Basically, the graphics quality of the game is not outstanding. Because it is only developed with medium quality 2D graphics. But in fact, when you experience it, you will feel like you are playing a 3D game. That’s because Love Affairs’ visual design is in a realistic 3D style. The characters, rooms, and objects in the game are created in great detail with vivid shadows. Another part is to create beautiful characters like we mentioned above.

MOD APK version of Love Affairs : story game

MOD features

Free Premium Choices. In the dialogues, there will be advanced options for you to create a happy ending. These options must cost diamonds to choose. But with Love Affairs : story game MOD version, you don’t need to worry about that. All of those premium options are unlocked for free. You can easily choose any answer in all of the game’s story.

Requirements of the MOD

  • Gaming device: Your device must be Android 5.0 or higher.
  • Permission to install apps from unknown sources.
  • Game data (obb): No.

Download Love Affairs : story game MOD APK for Android

Overall, Love Affairs does not have a new gameplay, but it is certainly not boring. Because the new stories in the game are extremely unique and new. Each story has a unique plot and content worth exploring. Especially the excellent image of Love Affairs: story game will not let you down. Although it was released not long ago, a lot of players have joined the game and rated it quite highly. If you are interested in Love Affairs, download it now to experience it!

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