My Time at Portia APK v1.0.11268 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 28/01/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.11268
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

Starting a new life, inheriting and restoring your father’s legacy? What a fun and challenging experience indeed! You can do this by downloading the game My Time at Portia. This is a simulation game where you start a new life. Instead of paying to download games on Google Play, download our free APK files!

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Introduce game My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia is the top selling 3D simulation role-playing game on PC. Now, its Mobile version has officially launched players. Coming to this game, you have a lot to do. From building, exploring monuments, restoring the glory days… Realistic and beautiful 3D graphics will make you quickly attracted at the first time.

The ultimate goal

In this game, you have only one goal to strive for. It’s up to you to return Portia to its former glory. This is a wish left by your father and I hope you will fulfill it soon. However, the implementation process is quite challenging and a lot of work. You have to become a builder, a herder… Do everything you can to help this place become as prosperous and rich as before.

Grow everything

Enjoy the fun of building and growing in this 3D open world by collecting resources. Then assemble them into meaningful pieces. Automate the workshop and expand your farm and hometown. At the same time, directly acquiring more skills and techniques is beneficial to the town. Don’t forget that growing livestock, horseback riding or even alpaca is not a distant dream. The more faces are developed, the Portia will surely be restored under your hands!

Socializing and building a family

In the town of Portia, you can meet and chat with more than 50 NPCs. In particular, there will be characters closer to your relationship. From close friendship, you can develop romantic love. This town has plenty of activities available for dating, including hot air ballooning! When everything is in order, you can get married, have children and experience the joys of parenthood.

My Time at Portia does more than just bring you a new life experience. It also helps you better understand many different jobs. Among them, being a parent is the most meaningful and happiest job. Restoring the town of Portia means improving the lives of your family. From there, make the time living in Portia the most beautiful and wonderful!

Explore ancient civilizations

While exploring, you discover there are monsters in the post-apocalyptic ruins. These are objects left over from ancient civilizations buried below. Chances are you can also find many valuable artifacts there. Therefore, train your fighting skills to be ready to defeat all the monsters guarding. Going deep inside, you can uncover hidden stories. It’s your job to explore the entire story to find your way to the treasure’s location.

Original experience of the PC version

This version of My Time at Portia Mobile still keeps 100% of the content and graphics like on PC. You will not feel the graphics degrade or change the content. Now you can take the town of Portia anywhere. With just your phone, you can always visit and continue your game progress.

Great graphics

My Time at Portia is built from high-end graphic design technology. You can easily see the smooth, vivid and realistic 3D graphics in every detail. Colorful animations, character movements are also extremely smooth. Images with high detail, you can feel a real Portia town, absolutely vivid right in front of your eyes. We guarantee that, you will be amazed at the graphics of this game. What tenses it possesses, you would think you can only see it on PC. In addition, dynamic sounds and background music will be played continuously in the game to inspire you.

APK version of My Time at Portia

We are pleased to present you the full paid version of this game. It won’t cost you $7.99 to download from Google Play. Just download the APK file below and install it on your phone and you can start your new life.

Installation Instructions

  • Download the zip file below the article;
  • Download the XAPKS Installer app for faster game installation;
  • Open the XAPKS Installer application, select the file “” you just downloaded to proceed with the installation;
  • Open the game and enjoy.

Download My Time at Portia APK for Android

My Time at Portia is not simply a game, it is also a place where you experience an independent life. Working by yourself, building and taking care of your family, gives you new and interesting feelings. Realistic graphics and quality of this game, will increase your experience even more. What are you waiting for, let’s get started!

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