Tavern of Sins v1.0.4.4 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

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Become a pub boss with the idle game Tavern of Sins. You will be more attracted to the adult elements in this game. Train your management skills, build authentic business and entertainment strategy, Tavern of Sins will bring you great experiences.

Introduce about Tavern of Sins

Tavern of Sins is a casual but quite unique fusion game. Run your own fantasy pub and get ready to make lots of money. Select and hire beautiful girls to help you serve and attract guests. Coming to Tavern of Sins, you will have the first time the experience of owning a popular and popular pub throughout the city. Come play this number one exciting idle game!


City life is tough and competitive. You have gone through too much hard work and fatigue. Now, you want to rest, relax and have a good time. So you’ve decided to open and run a pub. This is a smart decision, as it both helps you earn a lot of money and both entertains and relaxes you. Providing the best service at a reasonable price, your shop will become famous.

Tavern construction

You will start your work with finding the right place. Then, build the space and purchase the necessary items to open the shop. With a limited initial budget, you have to accept that all materials are the cheapest and simplest. Use the interest appropriately to gradually improve the quality of your alcohol. You should focus on the quality of service and wine, that is the point that attracts the most customers.

Hire beautiful girls

A pub will be indispensable for staff. Typically this job will be female staff. You should hire the most beautiful and reputable girls to serve. They are the factors that attract customers to your shop. The pub’s reputation will help you to unlock new girls. Lots of different characters. Girls of many races, some exclusive are waiting for you to reveal their secrets. You can also access their private photos to admire.

The fusion feature will help you to unlock special girls. Merge the two similar girls to unlock the seductive version of her. You can then merge the two charming girls to unlock a new girl. These special girls will make the bar’s guests increase dramatically.

Business strategy

Having a smart strategy will make it easy to manage and run. Employees will work according to your strategy, even when you are away. Management strategy, customer acquisition … you need to quickly apply it to speed up the growth of the pub.

Idle feature

The idle feature helps the pub stay active. Your girls will automatically make money. You can get money even when you are offline. You just need to hire them and assign jobs, they will help you work and manage all the time. Therefore, without too much playing time, you can still quickly upgrade your pub.


Over 40 H-art works by hot girls. Girls come from many races and new content is added regularly. Unlock adult content and animated scenes. You are interested in which one you can choose freely.

Rewards and daily quests

Daily quests and challenges, you’ll always have work to do. Quests will revolve around your job and pub. Completing daily tasks will help you earn a lot of money. The task is extremely simple such as: receiving the required number of guests, hiring girls or importing the required wines.

The daily wheel also contains many attractive parts. Each day you will have one free spins. You can also pay gems for extra turns.


Beautiful and charming character design is the attraction of this game. Viewing the game from above will help players easily observe and manage. Observing the staff and watching the crowded, bustling pub are also fun ways to entertain.

MOD APK version of Tavern of Sins

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gemstones

Download Tavern of Sins MOD APK for Android

Tavern of Sins is playable on most Android devices. A casual but very addictive adult game with lots of surprises for you. Create your own strategy while hiring your girls and manage your resources wisely to be able to unlock the hottest girls. Please join us and enjoy with us!

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