Legeclo: Legend Clover X Rate v1.14.5 Mod APK (Skills, DMG)

Last updated: 02/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.14.5
MOD Info:Skills, DMG
Package:Google Play Link

Legeclo: Legend Clover X Rate MOD APK is a novel strategy game that lets you lead and control beautiful female warriors to protect the world. Not only that, you also develop a closer relationship with those girls.

Introducing Legeclo: Legend Clover X Rate

This game was released on the Nutaku platform by EXNOA. They are also a pretty famous game company on platforms like Nutaku or Johren. Previously, REDMOD has introduced another product from this developer, which is Kamihime PROJECT R. And this Legeclo: Legend Clover X Rate game is the latest product, released not long ago.


Game Legeclo: Legend Clover X Rate has a fairly simple plot. Therefore, players will be free to explore and experience the game without being too dependent on the plot. The story in the game takes place in a mysterious world of humanity. Originally this world was peaceful, but that stopped when Abyss appeared. He is a demon with the ability to summon other demons. And he came to this world to wreak havoc and turn it into ruins. But you must not let that happen. You are the one who is assigned the important task of fighting them to protect the world.

Accordingly, you will become the hero of the world. You can summon brave female warriors to your army. And your task is to lead those girls to fight monsters. You need to quickly destroy the faction of the Abyss to bring peace to the world soon.

Character system

The character system in the game is built quite diverse. The first is about the main character system. You are the only guy in this game, who is also the one who commands his army to fight the enemy. Your army consists of strong female warriors. They possess enchanting beauty along with hot, extremely attractive bodies. They are not only beautiful, but also have incredible fighting ability.

Accordingly, each character has different fighting skills. You must rely on those skills to build a reasonable squad. At the same time, you must also be strategic in using skills in battle.

To collect new characters, you need to use an item called Magic Stones. This stone can randomly summon female warriors.

Strategic gameplay

With battle mode, the game Legeclo: Legend Clover X Rate is built in a strategic style. You need to choose a squad of the strongest female warriors. With that said, you need to rely on the ability of each character to make the best choice. After that, you will start the battle in the form of a checkerboard. Monsters will appear there, and you control your characters to fight them.

Develop a relationship with the character

The most interesting point of the game Legeclo: Legend Clover X Rate is not the strategic gameplay. It’s flirting and dating mode. As introduced above, all heroes in your army are girls. They bring great beauty, making any player must love. The game allows you to chat and learn more about the story of each character. Through those conversations, you can flirt with anyone you like. Even all! If you can afford it, you have a chance to date all those beautiful warriors.

MOD APK version of Legeclo: Legend Clover X Rate

MOD features

  • Maximum skill range (attack skills)
  • Area skill damages all enemies (Assault Potion)
  • High DMG (Also Enemy)
  • Important Note: You are required to change your time zone to +9 to play this game.

Download Legeclo: Legend Clover X Rate MOD APK latest version for Android

Legeclo: Legend Clover X Rate is a perfect blend of strategy and dating gameplay. In particular, the images in the game are also extremely beautiful and attractive. So this is an interesting game that you should not miss. You can download it now via the link below!

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