Island Empire v1.6.6 Mod APK (No Ads)

Last updated: 19/07/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.6.6
MOD Info:No Ads
Requires:Android 6.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Download Island Empire MOD APK so you can experience the most exciting tactical defense game 2021. Every step you take will open up new opportunities to defeat your enemies. Free and ad-free, you can freely build a strategy to protect your kingdom!

The tower defense style always creates great attraction, you can try to experience more Summoner Merge TD and Blo’k Warriors.

Introduce game Island Empire

Island Empire is a turn-based strategy game. This game will let you experience a great adventure. The gameplay is simple but many battles are difficult, you need to maximize your commanding ability. 2D graphics with classic pixel images, this game will give you a lot of fun. Right now, start building and defending your kingdom!

Attractive gameplay

Empire expansion

As an entertaining game, Island Empire aims for simplicity in gameplay. But it can still be addictive and cost you hours to play. This is a turn based strategy game. You can direct your units to tactical positions. Your every move is not only to attack, but also to expand the empire. The expansion of the empire is extremely important, you can collect more resources. From there, you will have the basis to develop advanced buildings for attack and defense.


You can choose to defend with buildings or counterattack. Build strong walls around the area to slow down the enemy’s attack speed. From there, you will have more time to develop your army. This way, it will be easier for you to defend against many enemies. Besides that. The tower is also a pretty good defensive building. In addition to its fortification, it can also attack by launching arrows. However, building towers will consume a lot of resources, so you need a reasonable strategy.


Your journey to expand your empire requires attacking others. In addition to capturing territory and resources, it’s also time to show your superior strength. Grow your empire and upgrade weapons and troops to the maximum. Then, lead scouts around to determine the enemy’s location and growth rate. From there you can easily calculate the most reasonable attack steps.

How to defend or attack? In the map has been divided into many small squares. They represent the position and steps of each unit. Each unit will have a different number of steps. Your job is to move them close to the enemy to attack. Therefore, it is important in every battle to calculate the moves of the units. Strength is also quite important, but not the deciding factor.

Grow to be stronger

As you progress through the game, you gain access to more powerful units. Your soldiers are diverse and stronger if upgraded. Moreover, you can also build more solid defenses. The speed of development greatly affects the strength of an empire. Make the most of your resources, hoard and upgrade buildings so you can unlock even more power.

Free Games

Island Empire is a great entertaining game and you don’t need to pay to win. This game has no store, you can only play to be able to upgrade the power. However, there will still be ads appearing from time to time. You can skip it without having to watch it all. Faster, you can use our MOD version to never show ads.


Island Empire is built with simple but colorful 2D graphics. Classic pixel images make for unique experiences. The view from above allows you to see an overview of the entire map. From there you can easily control everything from exploitation, defense and attack. The battles are simulated, so you can’t see the dramatic battles. The attraction of this game is the gameplay, so it is understandable that the publisher does not need to invest too much in graphics. But in general, Island Empire’s graphics are not too bad.

MOD APK version of Island Empire

MOD features

  • No Ads: Ads have been completely removed in the game

Download Island Empire MOD APK for Android

Island Empire is really a game suitable for entertainment but also makes you calculate a lot. Especially in every battle, when the strategic thinking factor is emphasized. That is the attraction in the gameplay of Island Empire. It stimulates the conquest and thinking preferences of the players. If you are someone who likes to use your brain to do everything, come to this fun strategy game now!

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