Shadow Hero: Idle Defense War v16 Mod APK (Free Shopping)

Last updated: 29/04/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:16
MOD Info:Free Shopping
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Rocket Game Studio
Package:Google Play Link

Shadow Hero: Idle Defense War is an extremely attractive strategy game. With the MOD APK version, you can experience this game easily.

Introducing Shadow Hero: Idle Defense War

Shadow Hero: Idle Defense War was released a few days ago. It was developed by Rocket Game Studio. The game is developed with attractive strategic gameplay, and the HD graphics are quite eye-catching. Therefore, the game is getting a lot of attention from players. How about you? Before downloading the game to experience, you can refer to it through the introduction below.


The setting of the game takes place in the 15th century, from a very ancient time compared to the present. At that time, the dark power first appeared, threatening the life of this planet. But then, the empire of the most powerful Ninja still existed. And those heroes cannot let the enemy invade and wreak havoc. Brave heroes are summoned to train and prepare for battle with the forces of darkness. You are a commander in this war. Your mission is to train heroes, send them to fight the enemy to bring peace to the world.

Character and weapon system

The game’s character system is not too much, but enough to give you a great experience. Because you will be able to collect many different characters, fight with enemies, not just play with 1 character. Each character in the game has a different fighting ability. Along with that, the weapon system is also quite diverse. Weapon systems are divided into two groups, heavy weapons and auxiliary weapons. Each weapon type also has its own advantages and disadvantages in battle.

Combination gameplay

This game is developed with an extremely diverse combined gameplay. You will see a great mix of TD, AFK, PVZ, IDLE, DEFENSE and SHOOTING genres. This combination creates an exciting gameplay like never before.

The ancient world is being invaded by enemies who build bases in various locations. Those locations are marked on the map. Your task is to go to each of those locations to destroy them, reclaim the area for the people. And you have to conquer every level in all maps to complete this game.

Before entering the match, you must know how to choose characters based on their abilities. And in the game, the way you use the character, the choice of skills is also very important. Every match has to have the right strategy to win. This war must ensure on both fronts, offensive and defensive. To fight strong enemies, your defense must be strong. And of course, the offensive front also needs to be selected the strongest heroes.

Idle mechanism

Although it is a strategy game, the gameplay of Shadow Hero: Idle Defense War is not too strenuous. Because of the idle mechanism in the game, making it easy for you to control the match. You just need to choose a character, arrange a reasonable squad and have a suitable strategy. In combat, you choose your character’s skills based on the battle situation. The rest, the character will automatically fight without you needing to directly control.

Quest System

Every day, the system will give you different tasks to complete. Each mission has its own difficulty and challenge for you. When completed, you will receive valuable rewards. It can be items, money or diamonds. The money and diamonds you collect are used to upgrade equipment and upgrade your character. Of course, if you fail the quest, you will not receive the reward and have to do it again.

MOD APK version of Shadow Hero: Idle Defense War

MOD features

  • Free Shopping: Free purchases with real money.
  • Note: the MOD requires an internet connection and accepts authorization requests from Google.

Download Shadow Hero: Idle Defense War MOD APK latest version for Android

In addition to the diverse gameplay, the graphics of Shadow Hero: Idle Defense War are also quite eye-catching. But it’s just average, with 2D quality only. Therefore, we do not judge much on this part. Overall, this is a pretty attractive game, a unique combination of many different gameplay. If you like it, you can download it now via the link below to experience it!

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