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Brawl Stars MOD APK is a cult strategy game, loved by many players. It was released by Supercell – the big game developer. They are the father of famous products like Clash of Clans or Clash Royale. It seems that this game company focuses mainly on the strategy game genre in cartoon style.

Introducing Brawl Stars

This game was released a long time ago. Earlier, it was introduced every half year since the official release date. It can be seen that Brawl Stars is very well invested. And the process of finishing as well as testing takes a lot of time. And when it was released, it did not disappoint. The game has brought a strategy game full of fun on the familiar animated 3D graphics.


Regarding the main game mode, Brawl Stars is developed under the familiar MOBA strategy game genre. The battle in this game revolves around a dispute between a gem mine located in the middle of the map. Join the game, you will choose for yourself any character with weapons to start the game. The match in the game will take place in 3vs3 format in real time. You will team up with two other players to compete against another team.

In every match, you need to have reasonable tactics to be able to win. Aim at opponents who have lots of gems, take down and you’ll win gems. Thus, you can easily reverse the situation for your team. If the player who reaches the required amount of gems wins it. Or at the end of the allotted time, the team that has more gems will win.

In addition to the main game mode is classic PvP 3v3, Brawl Stars will still have other attractive modes for you to choose to experience. From Bounty – a mode where two teams play to collect points by destroying opponents, or Smash & Grab – collect enough 10 glass balls before the opponent to win. There are also challenging and engaging Heist and Showdown modes.

Character system

Game Brawl Stars gives you a variety of different character systems. The characters that you can control in Brawl Stars are called Brawler. The game offers a lot of Brawlers with completely different shapes and skills for those who choose. Based on your play style and style, you will choose for yourself the right characters. For example, the Dynamike character is an explosive expert with extremely high damage, or Spike, a trapping artist with the ability to catch other players well, …

You can unlock and upgrade costumes and stats to make the Brawler stronger. Of course, this requires the use of in-game transactions. You can get bonuses after every match. Try to make as much money as possible.

Graphics and sound

Instead of choosing realistic 3D graphics, Brawl Stars is designed in a colorful and cute cartoon style. As for shaping, the characters are created with Supercell’s style. Perhaps this is the reason why Brawl Stars is developing images in the familiar cartoon style. Although every detail in the game is designed to be simple, it still attracts the attention of the players. Along with that, the background music and sound effects are properly integrated.

MOD APK version ofBrawl Stars MOD

MOD feature

In the Brawl Stars MOD APK version, you will experience more interesting, easier. There is an unlimited amount of Money, Tickets and Gems. You can use them comfortably. This is the version for those who do not have much game time but still want to get the advantage before the opponent.

Note: This is a private server version. Which means you can’t play with players around the world. You can only play against other players who are using the MOD version just like you. This makes the game more balanced, not too much difference with other players.

Download Brawl Stars MOD APK for Android

If you are in need of a fun strategy game, Brawl Stars is the best choice for you. This game brings a stress-free strategy game so you can play the game more comfortably, without having to think too much. Along with that is 3D animated style 3D graphics, you will definitely love it. If you want a fair game experience, play the original from Google Play. If you want to play the game easier, you can choose our Brawl Stars MOD APK version.

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