Heroes of Tactics v1.2.8 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 24/06/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.2.8
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 7.0+
Publisher:Studio WW Games
Package:Google Play Link

Heroes of Tactics MOD APK is a tower defense style strategy game. It is built with a compelling storyline, engaging gameplay and eye-catching visuals.

Introducing Heroes of Tactics

Heroes of Tactics was introduced a few weeks ago. Until June 20, it was officially released by Studio WW Games. They are also a well-known developer in the mobile game market. There have been many of their products that are famous and loved by many players. Therefore, the latest Heroes of Tactics game also quickly attracted players right after it was released.

The plot of the game

Perhaps the most impressive point is the plot of the game. It is built with a rather long and in-depth story, for players to explore in an engaging way. The game is set in a fantasy world called Mayra. This place has experienced a magical disaster of the magician Yavor. Thanks to that, the people here are acquainted with magic, mysterious and strange creatures.

The story is being told by the Erithians, an inhabitant of this land. When the people here have to fight with wild animals and nomads. Those forces appear to gradually invade Distant and Near Countries. And they are slowly taking over Erytheia, the narrator’s abode. Faced with the threat of invasion, Erytheia was forced to ally with the surrounding regions such as Dalia, Gron-Bourne and the free tribes of Sarii. Together they fight to protect the beautiful world of Mayra.

And the brutal war between the people of Mayra broke out. This battle becomes more and more difficult and intense as the monsters in the game get stronger and more peculiar. The best leaders must think, develop tactics to defeat those dangerous forces. In the game, there will be many heroes appear. They have powerful magic and extraordinary fighting ability, able to save this world. And the leader for this war is none other than you!

Defensive strategy gameplay

Heroes of Tactics is developed in a tower defense style. Enemies threaten your country, your world are monsters, mysterious forces. You must rely on mages, warriors and tower defenses to fight them. Your task is to summon the best magicians, build strong defensive towers, ready for any invasion.

Building a strategy and applying it in the game is extremely important. Right from the selection of defense towers, weapons, … needs your calculation. And in battle, you also have to change your strategy intelligently. Since the enemies are so powerful, they are constantly evolving to quickly take over your world. Therefore, you must use your leadership and smart brain to solve this problem.

Defense tower system and weapons

The game offers a variety of tower defense systems for you to choose from. Currently, the game offers you more than 20 towers to choose from. Each type of tower has a different defensive effect. Therefore, you can only discover the unique properties of each tower type on your own. Thereby, you can arrange them logically, creating a solid and strong map.

In addition, the weapon system is also quite important in the match. And they also need to be upgraded the same way you upgrade defense towers. After future updates, the developer will add new types of defense towers and new weapons.

Summary of main features

  • Unique story about the fantasy world, the war between humans and monsters;
  • Strategic gameplay for smart people;
  • 150 main story-based quests for you to complete;
  • Conquer more than 40 powerful monsters;
  • More than 20 types of defense towers for you to choose from;
  • Magic system to help you defeat your enemies more easily;
  • More than 150 scientific disciplines for you to study;
  • And lots of other cool features!

MOD APK version of Heroes of Tactics

MOD features

Unlimited Coins: To get the highest number of coins, go to Market from the main menu of the game and click Collect on the card with Observer’s Prize (ads won’t show, you will get coins and resources from paid chests).

Download Heroes of Tactics MOD APK latest version for Android

Not only Heroes of Tactics has attractive strategic gameplay, but the game’s graphics are also highly appreciated. It possesses high-quality 3D graphics, beautiful design and extremely eye-catching visual effects. If you like tower defense games, don’t miss this great game! The link to download the game Heroes of Tactics MOD APK is ready below for you.

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