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Last updated: 13/03/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:3.0.3
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Publisher:Blindflug Studios
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Millions of people have played First Strike around the world. Now it returns as First Strike: Classic. Rebuild strategy game about blowing the world in nuclear weapons. This remake is more stable, more cunning on the enemy and is the best first battle we’ve ever made. You can download this game for free at the link below the article.

Introduce game First Strike: Classic

First Strike: Classic is a great strategy simulation game. Flexible gameplay and intuitive interface help this game attract a large number of participants. Take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of your people. Nuclear technology specialist, would you like to challenge this position?


Put simply, the gameplay of First Strike: Classic is to defend the territory and attack terrorism. The earth is divided into many large regions. You and other players will guard an area. Each zone has a certain number of missile centers, and the power of the missile here is determined by the level of technology. In the game there are many different types of rockets depending on the purpose of the player. They can be named with the ability to attack quickly or intercept missiles …

Attack terrorist area

To win, you need to destroy the center of other players. On the globe, you can rotate horizontally and vertically to see the other people’s positions. Click on any location to observe growth there. If your technology is more advanced, you can attack them. Destroying that area is very simple, you just need to press the rocket button to launch it to the target. Once you have a large amount of rockets, flattening an area of the world with a full force attack is the perfect way to quickly dominate the world.

Defense area

Do not be too engrossed in the development of missile technology, the defense of the area is also extremely important. If you can attack others, they will do the same to you. You can develop interceptor missile technology. Successful defense or not is mainly based on whether the technology you have developed is strong enough or not.

Territorial expansion also makes it easier for you to develop technology. However, you will lose defense during that time. The larger the territory, the more you will become the main target of other players. You will have to face the rain of rockets coming and drowning everything. The balance between the decision to expand or attack the opponent is the decisive factor to win in this game.

Technology research and development

This is an important area and you need to focus first. High development speed, you can have advanced and modern tools. For example, the radar scans a wide range to detect the enemy. Or you will have nuclear weapons, heavy missiles … For strong enemies, owning a super weapon is indispensable to be able to level their area. Developing interceptor missile technology will help you defend against fierce attacks from enemies.


First Strike: Classic divides the game into three different levels, each level corresponding to a certain number of countries. For example, USA is on the easy level because of its advanced technology background and large territory. Meanwhile, North Korea with such an outdated technology that can not even detect being attacked at the beginning will be a very difficult problem for players.

A game that you must try

Why do we say that? Simply because First Strike: Classic is a high intellectual game, suitable for training in thinking and reflexive situations. You will learn how to react quickly to many challenging situations that come. Show your composure against the onslaught of enemies, and have a top strategic mindset. The best evidence for the attractiveness and attraction of this game is the large number of players. In addition, First Strike: Classic also won many top awards:

  • Indie Amsterdam- Best Game Award
  • BOSA award – Game of the year
  • SwissICT – Newcomer of the year award


First Strike: Classic gives players beautiful and high-quality graphics. Background is the earth with a perspective outside the universe that offers a new experience. The realistic design of nuclear weapons and modern technology gives the feeling of controlling a truly advanced military base. The sound and graphics in First Strike: Classic is a great combination for a top-notch strategy game.

Download First Strike: Classic APK for Android

Whoever you are, it’s time to pick up your phone and join the top strategy thinking game. First Strike: Classic is a fast-paced, thought-provoking strategy game. Bring the treasure trove of missile technology, military to the palm of your hand. Surely this is an extremely attractive game for fans of the strategy game genre.

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