Junkworld APK v1.1.6 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 05/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.1.6
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Ironhide Games
Package:Google Play Link

Junkworld is now available on both iOS and Android platforms! Download Junkworld APK now and reset your world order as wars keep breaking out.

Introducing Junkworld – Tower Defense Game

Recently, I introduced a similar game from Ironhide Game developer called Iron Marines. Now, another top-anticipated strategy game has officially been launched. That’s Junkworld, it’s only officially sold in some countries. This game belongs to the original tower defense style, an extremely addictive gameplay. If your country is not open to sell the game, don’t worry, we will provide the apk file for you to download and play at any time. And now, let’s learn more about this game with us!


There was a time when there were no people who messed up the order. In the context of Junkworld, those guys are The Order. They are an organization, or rather an army that is always going to mess things up. A series of absurd dictatorships are created by them to apply everywhere they go. In this game you will lead a group of scavengers. They are very brave, dare to stand up against this absurd dictatorship. Lead your gang through hospitable deserts and toxic waste swamps and use your best strategy to defeat them all.

Main gameplay

In Junkworld, you just need to place arbitrary towers on the map to fend off enemies. Each level is one time you have to defend your empire by yourself. Enemies will constantly come and move on a predetermined route. If you let them pass through the end point on the map, you have failed. So, no matter what you do, the ultimate goal is still to prevent the enemy from being able to pass through the last point on the map.

Not only that, the challenge for you is also in the game tempo. Towards the end, the enemy’s movement speed will be faster. Therefore, your towers may not be able to stop them. At that time, you need to change your strategy and reposition the towers. Upgrade these towers so that they have great power or before any enemy changes. Nine different tactics you can apply to each level of the game. Completing the task, you will receive a lot of exp, gold coins and rare items.

Unlock towers and upgrades

Tower is your main source of power in this game. Unlock as many types of towers as possible to apply to each of your tactics. Place your tower anywhere, the whole map is your playing field. Each tower has its own special skill, so you need to make good use of its ability. More than 11 types of towers can be collected and upgraded, so you can use more than 9 different tactics.

Combine towers to create the greatest source of power. There are many combinations, but which is the best strategy? Real combat experience will help you be flexible in this important issue. You will know which towers work best together, and which towers are capable of working independently.

Diverse levels of gameplay and daily questions

Junkworld has more than 40 levels from easy to difficult for you to experience. Each level is quite a tough and attractive tactical challenge. These levels will take place mainly in two terrains: the terrifying wasteland and the radioactive swamp. Survive in the most extreme weather conditions and visit the scariest places on the map.

Prove your skills through Junkworld’s daily tactical questions. The system will update the appropriate questions according to your game progress. That way you can both practice your situational reflexes and try out some of your new strategies. Set up your strategy, lead your faction to victory and collect awesome rewards.

APK version of Junkworld


The game is available now in Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia and Uruguay. If your country is not included, download our Junkworld APK. This is a free file, you just need to download and install it on your phone to start experiencing.

Download Junkworld APK latest version for Android

If you have ever played Kingdom Rush then this game is for you! Junkworld is the most worth-playing tower game with addictive gameplay right from the first experience. The challenges it brings often take you hours to overcome. This game is in development, so it is inevitable that some bugs or unoptimized content can be found. But overall, it’s worth playing and doesn’t disappoint! You can download Junkworld right now via the link below!

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