Elena’s Journal I v1.0 Mod APK (Unlocked)

Last updated: 31/05/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0
MOD Info:Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.1+
Publisher:GameHouse Original Stories
Package:Google Play Link

Elena’s Journal I is a simulation adventure game with an extremely engaging storyline. You will experience the life of an archaeologist, and discover mysterious stories about the life of the main character.

Introduce about Elena’s Journal I

Elena’s Journal I was just released a few days ago. With exciting adventure gameplay along with eye-catching images, this game attracts a lot of players. In particular, this game has a lot of different activities for you to explore, not simply an archeologist’s adventure.

Interesting story

The story in the game takes place in the world of the Amazons. And you will play as a young archaeologist, she is Elena. Her father is a famous archaeologist, with a burning passion for adventure travel. He wants to find valuable antiques, uncover the mysteries of this world.

But on one expedition, he died in an old excavation. People assumed he died by accident while excavating, but Elena didn’t believe it. She believes that her father was harmed by someone and stole the precious documents he has collected. She began looking for information from her father’s assistant, hoping to find something. But it seems that the assistant wants to hide what happened in the past, about the documents of Elena’s father.

At the beginning of the game, Elena is still working as a waitress at a cafe. But her father’s passion for archeology prompted her to leave the boring job behind. Especially when her father passed away with unsolved mysteries. So Elena left everything behind, continuing to fulfill her father’s dream. And she went on an adventure, with the goal of finding out the truth about her father. You are the one chosen to help Elena carry out that plan.

Adventure and discovery gameplay

The gameplay in Elena’s Journal I is combined in the form of adventure and discovery. To complete the adventure process, you have to solve puzzles, quests in each level. The game is divided into many levels for you to complete. Each mission in each level is different, built according to each stage of the plot. The levels in the game are divided into two main stages as below.

Early stage

At the beginning, you are still a waiter at the cafe. Here, you have to perform the work of an employee. You have to bring guest supplies, bring books for customers to relax at the restaurant. These tasks are quite boring but you still have to complete them.

Later stage

The next stage is when you decide to stop serving at the cafe. You will begin your journey of adventure and explore the vast world. During the adventure, you will find valuable objects, and at the same time discover the secrets that someone is trying to hide. The levels at this stage are mostly mining missions. You have to find the prescribed objects, in the ancient excavations. Each level has its own difficulties and challenges for you. Can you conquer it?

Meet and make friends

During the adventure, you get to know and make new friends. They can be your companion in your journey of adventure and discovery. Or they can help you every time you have a problem. And there are people who want to flirt and date you. This game mode gives you the freedom to explore and play at your own pace. But you need to keep in mind, not everyone is a reliable friend. Talk to them, to understand their personality and find true friends.

Simulation image

The images in the game are designed quite eye-catching. Although only possessing 2D graphics, the game still offers an extremely interesting experience. The environment, landscape, and character system in the game are designed quite simply in a simulation style. Although the character creation and scenes in the game are not detailed, they still stand out thanks to the bright and attractive color system.

MOD APK version of Elena’s Journal I

MOD features

Unlocked: Purchased all in-game content. You can experience the full version at no cost!

Download Elena’s Journal I MOD APK latest version for Android

Overall, Elena’s Journal I is an extremely interesting adventure game. The game offers interesting gameplay, many levels for you to explore. And this gameplay is unlike any other game. Download now Elena’s Journal I MOD APK to start your adventure with Elena!

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