Monster Shooter: Space Invader v1.0.48 Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Last updated: 28/04/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.48
MOD Info:Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

Monster Shooter: Space Invader is an extremely interesting action adventure game with gameplay quite similar to the legendary Chicken Shooter game. With our MOD APK version, you will have an easier experience with this game.

Introduce about Monster Shooter: Space Invader

This game is developed by Gcenter, a mobile game company from Vietnam. This developer has released many attractive mobile games, known by many players. Prominent among them is the King of Defense series with 4 versions released. In this article, REDMOD introduces readers to their latest product, which is the game Monster Shooter: Space Invader.


Cosmic black holes have created aggressive monsters. They grow very quickly and begin to colonize planets in the galaxy. Currently, they have conquered many planets, and are about to come to Earth. Humanity is in danger of being destroyed by the appearance of these monsters. Of course, humans wouldn’t let that happen. Brave heroes have built spaceships with powerful combat capabilities. They fly into the beautiful galaxy to start the war to protect the universe. And you are one of those heroes! Take control of the most modern vehicles to drive monsters from this universe!

Battleship system

You can freely choose for yourself the unique types of warships in this game. In the legendary Chicken Shoot game, you only have one warship, and only change the type of ammo. But in the game Monster Shooter: Space Invader, there are many types of ships with different designs and combat abilities. Each type of ship is designed with its own style and has its own ammunition during play. In particular, in addition to the main spaceship, there are also two assistants to help you increase your attack ability.

In addition, there are combat support equipment for warships. Those are items you can buy, or get when completing quests.

Familiar gameplay

The familiar gameplay Monster Shooter: Space Invader is developed based on the inspiration of the legendary Chicken Shooter game. This is a classic game that every gamer has ever played. Accordingly, the gameplay of Monster Shooter: Space Invader is quite similar to chicken shooting, but the game mode has been changed and new features are added so as not to cause boredom for the player.

The gameplay of the game is still based on the element of movement. You just need to touch the screen to move the spaceship. It will automatically fire bullets to attack enemies. Monsters can attack, so you have to move skillfully to dodge their attacks. This gameplay only requires your ability to move skillfully.

Your task in the game is to defeat the army of monsters that appear in each level. Instead of fighting with chickens, you will have to confront alien monsters. Each level requires you to destroy all monsters, especially the BOSS at the end of the level. These BOSSs have strong offensive abilities and are difficult to defeat. You have to have mastery skills to be able to overcome them.

Various quests and rewards

Game Monster Shooter: Space Invader offers many levels for you to conquer. Every day, you also receive important tasks to complete. After completing well, you will receive many valuable rewards. It could be money or essential items. As you play later, the difficulty of the game increases and requires you to have more skillful skills and faster reflexes. Currently, no player has completed all levels of this game.

Eye-catching images

The graphics of Monster Shooter: Space Invader are developed quite simply. It is an animated 2D graphics background, the quality is not too impressive. But with such gameplay, we do not need a high-quality graphics background. In return, the image in the game is designed quite eye-catching. The space ships and monsters are shaped very funny.

MOD APK version of Monster Shooter: Space Invader

MOD features

  • Unlimited Crystals
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlock Premium Features
  • Free of Ads (receive free rewards without watching ads)
  • Completing the Tutorial (very long intro can’t be skipped, but it’s done and you don’t have to watch it all)
  • Free Shopping (free purchases with real money)

Download Monster Shooter: Space Invader MOD APK latest version for Android

Monster Shooter: Space Invader is inspired by chicken shooting game, but it offers a whole new experience. That’s thanks to new game modes, new features, and new visuals. The gameplay of the game is suitable for everyone. You can have fun with it whenever you want. When taking a break between school, work or when waiting for the bus.

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