Galaxy Forbidden Zone v1.0.7 Mod APK (Gamespeed X4)

Last updated: 13/05/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.7
MOD Info:Gamespeed X4
Publisher:LT Games
Package:Google Play Link

Galaxy Forbidden Zone is a strategy game with a fantasy style. It offers an attractive gameplay and stunning visual style, you will surely be mesmerized by it.

Introduce about Galaxy Forbidden Zone

Galaxy Forbidden Zone was released not too long ago by LT Games. Perhaps you are too familiar with this name, they are a game developer quite famous for “dating” games for adults. REDMOD has introduced many of their products such as Sin City Deluxe, PS Girls Deluxe, Lord of Lewds. In this new Galaxy Forbidden Zone game, you will experience an extremely attractive strategic gameplay, combined with extremely romantic dating scenes.


The story in the game takes place in the vast galaxy, where the appearance of Etles, a beautiful and lively planet. This is a place full of energy, there are extremely beautiful and strong girls. But this place is being threatened by a dark force. Super God, a dark force fed by Envy and Jealousy has taken notice of this beautiful planet. They have brought troops to invade this place, with the goal of destroying every planet in the galaxy.

Faced with that critical situation, the beautiful girls of the planet Etles joined together to fight that force. They had to sacrifice many precious things in exchange for the magical power of the “Son of Ore”. Having gained strength, they gathered their armies to prepare to fight the invading enemy. But they need a leader, capable of helping them win Super God. And you are the chosen one in this battle! You command those girls to fight to protect Etles as well as the entire galaxy.

Character system

In addition to the villain system, most of the main characters in the game are beautiful girls. They have hot bodies and are extremely attractive. Not only that, their costumes are also so beautiful that any player is mesmerized. Not only are they beautiful, but they also have incredible strength. They are the main army for you to defeat the Super God force. After each match, you need to upgrade the power of your entire character. Along with that are equipment items, to make them stronger.

Strategic gameplay

The gameplay of Galaxy Forbidden Zone is developed in a turn-based style. Your task is to arrange a squad of strong girls. When the match begins, you just need to choose the right character and skills for them to fight the enemy. The decisive factor in winning the game is of course strategy. You must have a suitable strategy, based on the ability of each character to create critical hits.

Idle mechanism

The gameplay of Galaxy Forbidden Zone is strategic, but not too difficult or requires a lot of thinking. The whole match, you just need to choose the character and skills. The rest, the character will automatically fight without you having to directly control them. Thanks to this feature, you don’t need to spend a lot of time completing tasks in the game.


In addition to the intense battles, you also get to date your girls. Those warriors both help you fight and serve you as servants. You can date anyone you want, even all of those girls.

MOD APK version of Galaxy Forbidden Zone

MOD features

Gamespeed X4: The game speed in the game takes place 4 times faster. After you kill a few enemies, this feature becomes active.

Download Galaxy Forbidden Zone MOD APK latest version for Android

GameGalaxy Forbidden Zone has a great mix of strategy and dating, giving you an extremely memorable experience. Right now, you can download Galaxy Forbidden Zone MOD APK to start experiencing it!

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