Island War v5.3.8 Mod APK (Dumb Enemy)

Last updated: 15/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:5.3.8
MOD Info:Dumb Enemy
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Fastone Games HK
Package:Google Play Link

Coming to Island War, you will be entering an extremely interesting battle for survival. This is a survival strategy game that is being loved by many players.

Introduce about Island War

Island War is not a newly released game. It was released by Fastone Games HK developer more than 1 year ago. However, since its release until now, this game is still loved by many players. Simply because of its attractive gameplay. Although the graphics are not impressive, its gameplay certainly does not disappoint.

Story of the game

Participating in the game, you will be taken to a small island in the sea to start your survival journey. Because the continent at the center of the world was destroyed by a mysterious power. The whole world is being submerged in water. And islands rise up in the middle of the huge ocean. The survivors set foot on scattered islands to start a new life.

But this is not a peaceful life like before. Because resources are limited and the number of islands is not much, people become pirates to live. The battle between the captains, the ambitious ones begins here. Build yourself a large, solid island and defeat all enemies on this sea.

Build a solid fortress on the island

In the beginning, you are alone to start your survival in the sea. Build the first buildings to be able to defend against enemies everywhere. Later, find the family members to return to your island to build a strong empire. What you need to do is constantly upgrade and develop your island.

When you have enough conditions, you need to build strong bases and fortresses to prepare for wars. Make your island an impregnable fortress.

Build a strong army

The survival on this sea belongs to the pirates and the forces with the strongest army. You build a strong military force, not afraid of any enemies. In addition to summoning members of the clan, you must also summon heroes to help you fight. It can be magicians, archers, sea monsters, ancient dragons… You need to be ready for any war, if you don’t take the initiative to capture, you will be attacked by others. This war is non-stop, if you let your guard down, you will lose the island at any time.

Raid, capture another island

As a place of fierce competition, wars are constantly breaking out. A war for the strong, the great forces. The weak who do not have a wise strategy will quickly be defeated by their opponents and take the island. When you feel your army is strong enough, conquer the neighboring islands. Starting from small islands, to large islands with a strong army.

Of course, small armies are not meant to be easily defeated. And conversely, a strong army is not necessarily victorious. Because this war has a strategic element. Players who have good leadership and strategic thinking will win the game. Your opponents in the game are other players around the world. You have a strong army, they have and you have a strategy, they also have a way to counter your strategy.

To easily win, raid your enemies by surprise so they don’t have time to react. After the victory, you will collect a lot of loot from the enemy. It’s a get-rich-quick way to help your island grow faster. Show your great leadership by turning your island into the most powerful, impregnable empire.

Simulated 3D graphics

Island War is developed with a medium quality 3D graphics, not too prominent. And the visual design in the game is also quite simple. Everything is modeled, not too detailed. When you first look at its image, you might guess that it is just a 2D game. But it’s actually 3D graphics. Thanks to that, the battles in the game take place quite beautifully.

MOD APK version of Island War

MOD features

  • The Enemy Doesn’t Attack.
  • Note: The game needs a stable network connection.

Download Island War MOD APK latest version for Android

Overall, Island War game is quite unique, providing an interesting experience with diverse gameplay. You are free to build your own island, explore the vast ocean with many mysterious locations. You get to become pirates, conquering other islands. This will be an extremely dramatic war for you and players around the world.

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