Fair Email v1.2168 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last updated: 01/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.2168
MOD Info:Pro Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Marcel Bokhorst, FairCode BV
Package:Google Play Link

Fair Email MOD APK is an application that provides solutions to help you deal with emails more easily and conveniently. Besides, the application helps you easily manage your personal mailbox.

About Fair Email , privacy aware email

Fair Email is an application that connects with most Email providers. The application allows to manage and secure all accounts on the same application. In addition, Fair Email facilitates 2-way email synchronization.

This application provides absolute security features. They encrypt, decrypt, prevent phishing, and disable them. Especially Fair Email has functions such as synchronization, spam filtering, etc.

Ways to simplify life

Do you always have to check many emails every day so as not to miss any important work? Checking each discrete mailbox will take you a lot of time. Thus, to handle all the work, users have to work continuously on their phones. Sometimes these tasks make you feel very time consuming.

Fair Email will help you with all such stories. The application allows you to manage multiple email accounts at the same time. Thus, on the same application, you can manage Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo,…

Not only does it not limit the number of emails, the application also does not limit the number of accounts. Thus, you can set up 1 account for personal, 1 for work,… Just open once, users can check their entire mailbox.

All in one

Fair Email allows you to manage multiple accounts as well as email in the same application. Besides that use, the application also has the ability to merge inboxes. All emails sent to you will be consolidated in your account or folder. Worried things will get messy? The application can divide the conversation streams in accordance with the user’s purpose.

Besides, the application also has the function of two-way synchronization of conversations. As such, you can now handle all incoming emails right on the app with ease.

Strict confidentiality of information

One of the most concerning issues for applications that store information is security. This is also one of the things Fair Email is extremely proud of. The application has the ability to strictly protect customer information and emails.

Besides, Fair Email is also impressed by its security orientation. The application uses open standards such as IMAP, SMTP, OpenPGP,S/MIME and secure message view. As a result, the application can completely prevent bad behavior and spam. The application will encrypt, decrypt and format messages to prevent fraudulent messages.

Complete storage with only a small amount of space

An application that stores all emails, manages multiple accounts, sometimes works “smoothly”. The answer is yes”. The app uses incredibly low data, you can rest assured even when the connection conditions are weak. The application’s ability to store and work offline is extremely good, which is highly appreciated by users.

Contrary to storage capacity, the application only takes up very little space of the phone. This is really a good thing for anyone who often needs to handle email work.

Perfect battery saver app

Not only optimized for capacity and data, the application also has the ability to save maximum battery. Thus, you can safely handle your work without worrying about interruptions. This is also an advantage of the Fair Email application.

Customize the interface according to your preferences

A much-awaited feature is that you can customize the interface. You can choose the size, color,… for your application. Besides, you can also customize the font in the application. This will probably help you feel more engaged and familiar with the app.

Also you can choose different theme for your app. The most minimalistic designed application for working benefits.

MOD APK version Fair Email

MOD feature

  • Pro Unlocked

Download Fair Email MOD APK latest version for Android 

Fair Email is really an email management application that helps users handle emails quickly. Your work will become easier and more efficient when using the application. Besides, you can keep a close eye on your work and progress.

App confidently provides you with the top features to serve the job for you. When using the app, you can handle your work more smoothly and efficiently. Download the app now for your phone, you will experience the impressive features!

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