Teleprompter v3.0.17 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 26/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.0.17
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.1+
Publisher:Pode Groups
Package:Google Play Link

Teleprompter MOD APK is a smart application that allows you to record videos with built-in script prompts. The combination of the two features helps you create the most perfect videos.

Introducing Teleprompter with Video Audio

Want to be a vlogger? Want to create your own videos? Teleprompter will be a great assistant for you in this work. With thousands of downloads, the app is currently very popular among young generation Z.

Express yourself confidently with Teleprompter

Are you shy every time you appear in front of the camera? Even though you have prepared very carefully, you still forget the words? Or are the videos so long that you don’t remember the entire talk? Teleprompter was born to solve such problems for you. The application will give you confidence, the best style to present the content.

The app allows you to upload a script for the video and automatically slides it down so you can follow along. That way, you can confidently express yourself fluently when recording videos. In particular, this will make it easier for you to speak on a long topic without any problems.

Besides, you don’t need to use external recording for the best voice. The application supports you to record with the best sound quality. All you need to do is be confident and express yourself as much as you can.

Make your own mark

Each product when sharing will need to fully credit the source to avoid copying. However, many new applications only allow the logo of the app, not the creator’s. Understanding that, the application allows you to attach a logo on every video you create.

Logos are quickly and easily added by you directly to the video. You can customize the size, position, opacity,… All these powerful tools will help you create a perfect video. The logos are small, but they will confirm the person who created them.

Reach viewers easily

When watching a video, the voice factor is the first attraction. You can customize the voice in pitch to best match the video. In addition, the application helps you to record the clearest sound. Try to adjust your voice with tools to get the best results.

Besides, we cannot ignore the scripts under the videos. The scripts are small, but help viewers follow the entire video. Sometimes, just listening can cause viewers to miss out on important things. Moreover, you can customize the script from font, size, position,…

Images are also something that the application focuses on developing. You can choose your own shooting angle. The application allows you to record extremely sharp movies. These three factors make your video much more professional and well-organized. Anyone who watches the video will see your investment in the product.

Design professional videos with modern tools

Not only supporting video recording and editing, the application also integrates editing tools. The application is fully integrated with tools such as adjusting speed, time, background size, … All of the above parameters can be edited easily.

All parts of the video can be edited manually. You can insert external sounds and adjust the volume accordingly. Besides, adjusting video speed for faster or slower is also very popular. You can edit videos easily with just a few taps.

In addition, the application also suggests to you immediately suitable available suggestions. Thanks to these tools, users can import and export videos smoothly. Don’t worry every time you run out of ideas because you already have a Teleprompter.

Easy to share across platforms

After the video recording and editing is done, the question is how to share. The application supports you to upload videos through a connection with Google Drive or a file manager. Thanks to this built-in connection, you can move your files freely.

Besides, linking with Google Drive is also extremely convenient. You will no longer need to edit the dialogue on the application. Now, you just need to upload files from your computer and connect to the app. This makes it possible for you to create the perfect script.

MOD APK version of Teleprompter

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download Teleprompter MOD APK latest version for Android

The Teleprompter application is the application that helps you produce the best quality voiceover videos. To keep up with the new technology era, content creation videos are not new. The application integrates many editing tools and is especially easy to use. Download the Teleprompter app now to experience its best features.

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