1DM+ Plus MOD APK 15.2 (Unlocked)

Last updated: 28/10/2021 (10 months ago)

Latest Version:15.2
MOD Info:Unlocked
Publisher:Vicky Bonick
Package:Google Play Link

Get everything fast with the help of 1DM+ Plus. With just a few installation steps, you can speed up everything by several times. You can also consider using our MOD version attached below the post.

Introduce 1DM+ Plus

Many times, you surf the web or social networking and find interesting videos or useful but do not know how to download. Because at present, most smartphones still do not have the ability to download videos from applications and browsers. This is really inconvenient, and you can only save those videos for review as needed. But with 1DM+ Plus (Internet Download Manager), you can download any music and video files quickly.

Surely many people know about Internet Download Manager software – the software to download music, movies, document files, other software accurately and conveniently. This software was developed for the first personal computer. But now it is available on Android and iOS so you can easily download and experience it. 1DM+ is quite convenient and informative, software developers almost understand what customers need.

1DM+ Plus application is a premium version of 1DM+ that you often know. Developer Vicky Bonick has released three different versions. A regular version, a copy, and the most advanced version is IDM Plus. Accordingly, 1DM+ Plus is sold for $ 2.99. This price may vary by some different countries. But in this article, we provide 1DM+ Plus APK (MOD Unlocked) for free. You can download it quickly, for free, to experience it.

The best download capacitor for mobile

1DM+ Plus supports you to download files such as music, videos, documents, etc. right on your mobile phone. It integrates with the browser on your phone, such as the default browser, Chrome, Firefox, … Every time you surf the web or access social networks, you can download any video, any music that you like. With just one touch, you can immediately download the files you want to download. Every time the video or music player starts, the download icon of 1DM+ Plus will appear for you to choose whether to download or not. And this application is supported on most smartphone devices today, including Android and iOS.

The highlight of this tool is its download speed. As you probably know, when using IDM on a computer, the download speed of any file is much faster than the normal download method of the browser. Thanks to that, most computer users choose 1DM+ instead of the default download of the browser. And on your phone, 1DM+ Plus allows you to download files extremely quickly, even when the network quality is not high. Moreover, the download speed of 1DM+ Plus is also superior to other similar applications.

The basic features

  • Download Torrent files using a magnet link, torrent url, or torrent file on your device;
  • Exceptional fast download speed;
  • Lets you choose a dark or light theme;
  • Intuitive interface, easy to use;
  • Support nearly 20 different languages, serving global users;
  • The file will be downloaded directly to the SD card;
  • Support for HTTP Live Streaming websites;
  • Smart download option, associated with your browser;
  • Password saving system helps you automatically log in quickly;
  • Pause and Resume with supported links;
  • You can try again anytime with custom latency;
  • When closing the application, the download process is not affected;
  • Download allowed only wifi;
  • Smart error handling so you don’t lose data;
  • Easily schedule downloads;
  • Export download link;
  • You can open the downloaded file or share it right away;
  • When the download is completed, a notification will appear;
  • Supports all formats: archive files, MUSIC, VIDEO, documents, shows, etc;
  • Support multiple web browsers, including: Default Android browser, Chrome, Firefox, etc;
  • Easily sort files by name, size, date and sorting by type and time.

Advanced features

  • Can download 5 files simultaneously
  • Multiple downloads – up to 32 per download
  • Proxy support (with or without authentication)
  • Speed ​​limit to limit download speed (Global as well as personal)
  • Refresh expired links (Directly or use an existing browser)
  • Download files that are password protected
  • MD5 checksum calculation


When using it, you can easily see that 1DM+ Plus has an extremely simple interface. When you click to download any file, the interface will appear. The above is full of information about the file you are about to download. It will provide file name, download size, size, date of download … And underneath the “Start Download” button, you can also choose a folder to save. All in a small frame. Extremely easy to use but very convenient, that is the advantage of 1DM+ Plus.

Access rights

  • Network connection (Internet access) for file download
  • Memory (modify or delete content on your USB storage) to store downloaded data
  • Vibration Control: create a vibration effect for essential notifications
  • Wake-up lock to prevent your device from going to sleep while downloading

Should you use 1DM+ Plus version?

Many people will think that it is not necessary to lose registration fee for 1DM+ Plus version. The main reason is because 1DM+ had a free version before. However to us, 1DM+ Plus is a difference. And you should use this version for the best experience. 1DM+ Plus allows you to download multiple files at the same time but keep the same download speed. This is something the free version does not have. Besides, it also has a lot of powerful features to help you download faster, save data and protect downloaded files. Advantage process in one version, there is no reason for you to decline 1DM+ Plus.

MOD APK version of 1DM+ Plus

MOD feature

To be able to fully experience powerful features of 1DM+ Plus, you subscribe to its Pro plan. This MOD version of us will help you get free Pro pack with MOD feature:

  • Pro Unlocked

Download 1DM+ Plus MOD APK for Android

If you often download videos and music to your phone, IDM Plus is a tool you should not ignore. It supports you to download videos, files, music easily and quickly. In Google Play, this app is highly rated by users. Moreover, our 1DM+ Plus version is completely free. You just need to scroll down below, download 1DM+ Plus APK file to install.

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