BaconReader Premium for Reddit v5. Mod APK (Paid)

Last updated: 01/03/2021 (3 years ago)

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Reddit is a large and quite popular social networking site today. If you are a loyal user of Reddit, do not ignore the app we are about to introduce. We have attached the free download link below this article.

Introduce about BaconReader Premium for Reddit

BaconReader Premium for Reddit helps you change the new look for social networking site Reddit. With loads of exciting features, you will experience 1 of the top 25 best free Android apps. To better understand this great application, let’s find out in the article below.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a famous social networking news site in the world. Here you have access to a wealth of news and entertainment content. You can also post photos, link and comment on articles, upvote and downvote. You can also share work, learn from others. Lots of useful and entertaining content updated daily are delivered to you.

Interesting features of BaconReader Premium for Reddit

This application helps Reddit have a beautiful and strange interface. Comment threads are gold coded, the main subject you can choose from is white or black background. The font size is also editable instead of default. For tablet users, this app will split the screen to optimize usage. You can choose 1 of 3 views: list, tag view and slide show. The fixed, bold toolbar keeps you visible while you are browsing through articles.

Full supported user profile all information. Message count messages are indicated by an orange envelope and full range of features. You can also comment on articles that interest you. The images from the articles can also be downloaded easily. You can create funny memes yourself, create original content, and edit images.

Secure login

Social network account information always needs to be preserved as much as possible. Personal information or messages cannot be disclosed to others. Therefore, you should install Reddit OAuth to secure your login. To be able to login to the Reddit page, you need to have OOAuth code after installation. Therefore, even if other people know your information, without OAuth code, they will not be able to login. This is a 2-layer security method that most social media users use.

Comprehensive search

You can find a lot of information on Reddit quickly. Just enter keywords in the search field, related articles will appear in full. The articles searched will rely on engagement to get to the top of the search. Therefore, if the content you are looking for is really interesting, you will easily find it. Also, you can advanced filtering: domain name, subreddit, NSFW. Search archives will keep track of your search history. If you don’t want to, you can also delete history completely.

Content sharing

Similar to other social networking sites, you can share your content on your personal page. You can post entertainment information, humorous content. In addition, the short news and news of the day will also receive the attention of everyone. In particular, this is also the place where you share your work. Recruiting, learning and exchanging experiences will help you improve your productivity. Any content you can share and people interact with.

Some other features

  • Operator tools: modmail, spam, delete, approve
  • Place users and link Flair through the app
  • Multiple widgets: rotate, scroll, subreddit
  • Advanced filtering: domain names, keywords, NSFW
  • Spoiler tag support for standard CSS subreddit
  • Supports multiple accounts, users
  • Cakesay Notifications
  • Reddit Gold: donate gold for posts, My Random, fully subscribed subreddit list.


BaconReader Premium for Reddit is designed with intuitive interface, easy to access and use. A completely new designed interface and a comprehensive list of in-app entertainment, information and comprehensive features available. The application also makes Reddit message boards viewable in many forms: list, tab viewer and slideshow mode. In addition, there are features arranged subtly and intelligently, giving the best user experience.

Reddit Gold

With this version of Reddit Gold, you will enjoy a number of special benefits. You can donate gold to posts or comments, My Random, fully subscribed subreddit list. Your account gets spoiler support for the standard CSS subreddit. And many other benefits are waiting for you to discover.

Should you use BaconReader Premium for Reddit?

This is an extremely easy question to answer. BaconReader Premium for Reddit is an extremely popular Reddit application in the world. It is in the top 25 best free Android apps on Google Play. Coming to this application you will enjoy all the most attractive content of the Reddit social page. A place where you can post content, comment on articles and share and interact. There is no reason to refuse such a great application. We experienced and were extremely satisfied, have you tried it?

What’s new in the latest version?

  • Keep paused when returning to a video post from another link
  • Fixed an issue where the sound is playing in a video album while playing in a slideshow
  • Proceed to fix the error reported by the user.

Installation Instructions

  • Go to settings – applications and open permissions
  • Download the free APK file below to your device
  • Install the APK file on the device and grant access to it
  • Open the app and experience

Download BaconReader Premium for Reddit APK for Android

BaconReader Premium for Reddit is an extremely useful application that you should try out. The cool features of this app will not let you down. You just need to click on the link below to proceed with the download and installation.

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