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Normally, you want to contact relatives, friends in America or Canana will have to spend a large amount of money. But with 2ndLine, you can do it for a very cheap fee. You can learn more about this application through the article below.

Introduce About 2ndLine

The United States and Canada are the two North American countries with the most foreigners coming to settle. You have a few relatives who have settled in these two countries and are in regular contact. But the cost of international calls is not cheap, making the conversations not last long. Currently, social media is developed but it is too dependent on the Internet connection.

Therefore, 2ndLine application was released to solve those difficulties. This is the application that helps you to call the above two countries with very low cost. Join us to learn more about this wonderful application!

This is an application developed by TextNow. Before that, we also introduced another app of them, also called TextNow. Both are apps that allow you to make extremely low cost calls to Canada or the United States.

2nd phone numbers for the United States and Canada

2ndLine gives you a random phone number belonging to the area code of the two countries above. You can send this number to a loved one so they can call you too. With 2ndLine, unlimited calling, texting to the US and Canada. The cost is extremely low, not only that you can also make more money for free. With the completion of the incentives to your account, you will receive a decent amount of money to comfortably text, call. In addition, 2ndLine also regularly gives users many incentives or attractive gifts.

Get in touch with friends

2ndLine can make calls and texts like you normally would. But here you can add photos and emojis and messages. You can also copy your voicemail, create a message password. Important messages are more secure if password protected. You can also adjust the volume, ringtone, and sound as normal calls.

Creating your own signature to insert at the end of every text is also a great idea. 2ndLine also provides you with many signature templates or you can design your own. With Elastic calling feature, calls automatically choose the best route, keeping calls free from interruptions or poor connection. A lot of other great features, to have the best view, the best way is to experience and use 2ndLine yourself.

During the call, you will still be able to use any other apps. Additionally, the noise canceling feature of the app will be added as well. Thanks to that, the user’s voice will become clearer and more transparent. In cases where poor network connections make the transmission of sound unclear, this problem is partly overcome.

Manage contacts

The 2ndLine application is also appreciated for smart contact management. It allows you to contact caller information. This is a basic feature of every calling app. But at 2ndLine, the caller information was displayed in great detail.

A special feature of this application is that it displays information of strangers. When your phone receives calls from strangers, you can still see who it is. Because the app will access the person’s information from the 2ndLine app they’re using.

Use even if your friend doesn’t have 2ndLine

Not only can you call your friends in the US or Canada, they can also call you even if they don’t have the 2ndLine app. With you using wifi or 3G, 4G, you can text and call for free to other users in those two countries. When you don’t have an internet connection, you can still call them but for a certain fee. And of course, this fee will be a lot cheaper than the usual way that you use to call your friends. It works on your smartphone or tablet like a business phone system.

The interface is customizable

Like other applications of the same category, 2ndLine has the ability to organize contacts and help users manipulate easily with incoming or outgoing calls. And they want to bring the easiest and most convenient experience, so the interface of this application is very scientifically designed.

The interface of the application is designed quite simply. You can see it similar to the default phonebook. But of course, this application is much more flexible. All the colors in it are simple to create a user-friendly interface. The highlight here is that the interface will work flexibly. It will continuously change based on user actions. Even with a simple operation, users can access new categories of applications. In addition, you can also install users to easily customize the look of the application. You can design based on your own usage style.

Summary of main features

  • Calling loved ones in the US and Canada with many deals
  • Text with options like Emoticons, stickers and gifs
  • Support for multimedia messages
  • Easily save draft messages or multimedia messages
  • Allows call recording and save to memory
  • PassCode: keep your messages safe with security
  • Google SmartLock: quick login, no need to remember password
  • Retrieving passwords by phone number is easy
  • Diverting calls
  • Create a unique feature in each signature message
  • Customize wallpapers, sounds, notifications and ringtones to your liking
  • Intuitive, easy to use interface

MOD APK (Premium) version of 2ndLine

MOD feature

Some features in 2ndLine Premium will be limited and you will not be able to use it. To unlock them, you need to pay a monthly maintenance fee that is not cheap. However with our 2ndLine Premium APK version, you do not need to spend any money. All of these features are completely unlocked by us. You just need to download the free APK file below, then you can comfortably experience without worrying about costs.

Download 2ndLine MOD APK for Android

Overall 2ndLine Premium is also a great calling app. It’s not much different from the TextNow app. And both of these applications are popular with many users. They all receive tens of millions of downloads from Google Play.

International calls to the US and Canada are now cheap and easy. Even if your loved one is not using 2ndLine, they can still call you. Now, conversations can be longer and more comfortable. Do not hesitate to download and experience immediately 2ndLine Premium with us. As long as you download our APK file, you can install and use right away.

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