DaTuner v3.504 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 01/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:3.504
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Prometheus Interactive LLC
Package:Google Play Link

Today, REDMOD introduces you to an application that supports guitar players. It’s called DaTuner, a tool used by many instrument instructors, as well as by many musicians around the world.

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Introducing DaTuner

You are interested in guitar, and are planning to self-taught at home. Or are you a professional guitarist? Or you are a musician, specializing in finding inspiration on the guitar keys. No matter who you are, where you are on the guitar skill scale, you will need a standard tuning tool. Good tuning will no longer be out of tune, and will result in better performances. DaTuner is an application that can help you do this quickly and easily.

Why is it necessary to tune the strings?

Many people think that learning to play guitar is also very difficult, just have to persevere. But tuning a guitar correctly is a difficult task.

That’s why it’s important to regularly recalibrate guitar strings. Like a singer who is out of tune, a guitar that is out of tune will no longer play the correct notes, have enough bass and match the melody of the song. For musicians, music composers, the non-standard strings cause much greater consequences, affecting both the arrangement and performance of the singer later.

To get everything right from the start, the sound is good, correct, accurate, plays out well and makes sure not to cause any lag later. You need to tune your strings regularly. It has to be the most accurate calibration possible.

To do this, it is not possible to tune the strings manually, by listening, memorizing and manually turning the knob and adjusting the tension of the string. Your ears always have errors, more or less depends on many peripheral factors. The best, most accurate and fair way is to use a professional tuning tool. Take DaTuner for example.

Perfect guitar tuning

There are quite a few mobile applications that help users tune their own strings at home, but not all of them are convenient and really accurate. DaTuner is one of the few highly rated applications for the guitar tuning feature.

Tuning in DaTuner is more than just listening to the sound coming from the instrument and then giving specific tuning instructions. But also DaTuner has the ability to set the sensitivity automatically and convert the fundamental frequency to the nearest note. This helps to better identify the current state of the strings. The tuning of the strings takes place with remarkable precision.

DaTuner also allows to adjust the reference frequency to adjust the instrument to suit the playing needs of the time or to the song you want to perform. You can do this manually, or let DaTuner listen for a specific reference and then adjust it yourself. The sample rate range is 8kHz – 48kHz.

Multi-device support

DaTuner’s tuning feature can be used for general guitar-like stringed instruments and some special musical instruments. The detailed list includes guitar, ukulele, violin, bass, cello, mandolin, piano, harp, saxophone. Therefore, this application brings a lot of options for you. Or you are a professional musical instrument player with a variety of genres, DaTuner also meets your needs. With only one application, but what Datuner can do is very impressive. All in one, for everyone!

Vivid and easy-to-see intuitive interface

Not in a flashy or complicated style, DaTuner’s application screen is bright, simple and easy to read. The main features are displayed right on the main screen of the application for the fewest and most minimalistic steps possible.

When using DaTuner, there is almost no dead zone on the screen. To alert the user that they have a good tune, the display will automatically turn green. You can even assign different colors to the ♯ and ♭ notes in the tuning for easier tracking.

DaTuner’s display is also much easier to read than other apps. The nearest note and octave are displayed in huge font, making it easy to spot any changes in each tuning. Thanks to this simplicity, it makes it easy for everyone to use. From professional artists to novice players. All can get used to and master this application quickly.

Summary of main features

  • There is no dead zone, the screen turns green when you make a reasonable adjustment;
  • Auto Sensitivity – no configuration required;
  • Clear, sharp display with enough light;
  • Customization is fast and almost absolute;
  • Make a note when you want to lock the screen
  • Lock and filter by a specific note and filter out everything outside the scope of that note;
  • Easily adjust projection parameters to customize the orchestra;
  • Wide selection of instruments;
  • Color selection for ♯sharp / flat / in adjustment;
  • Sample rate range 8kHz – 48kHz;
  • Suitable for all users. From beginners to professional musicians can use it easily;
  • And many more features added in upcoming updates.

MOD APK version of DaTuner

Mod feature

Premium Unlocked. The developer lets you download and experience this application for free, but not completely. The app has some premium features included in the Premium version. To use this premium package, of course you have to spend real money. But with the DaTuner MOD APK version, you can experience those features for free. Because we have unlocked all premium features.

Download DaTuner MOD APK for Android

With an easy-to-use interface, along with a series of intuitive features, DaTuner is a great choice for you. It can intervene deep inside to suit each situation. DaTuner is a tuner that is suitable for almost everyone, at all levels. In particular, it is also compatible with many different musical instruments. Download now DaTuner, an indispensable tool to help you tune your guitar correctly.

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