Convenience Stories v1.3.0 Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Points)

Last updated: 25/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.3.0
MOD Info:Unlimited Money, Points
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

Recently, mobile game company Kairosoft has just launched a new game called Convenience Stories. This is a business simulation game with idle but extremely addictive gameplay.

Introduce about Convenience Stories

Perhaps you are too familiar with developer Kairosoft. They are a famous mobile game company from Japan. In previous articles, we have introduced some of their games such as Dungeon Villa 2, Forest Golf Planner, Forest Camp Story or Boxing Gym Story. And Convenience Stories is the latest product from this developer.

Convenience Stories was just released a few days ago. As usual, the game is available on Google Play and AppStore for players to download to experience. However, this is not a free game, but it is sold at a rather high price. You have to spend about 6.99$ to own this game. Is this price worthy of a simulation game with idle gameplay?

The journey to becoming a business tycoon

Coming to the game Convenience Stories, you will have the opportunity to become a talented businessman. Your business in this game is to develop a chain of convenience stores. In the beginning, it was just a small shop with essentials. And your task is to develop it into the largest convenience store chain, attracting the most customers and bringing in the largest revenue. You have to hire employees, let them help you manage and service the store. Show your leadership and smart business strategy through this fun game!

Business items

As a convenience store, you must provide all the necessary items for your customers. At the beginning of the game, your store is just like a small grocery store. With items like candy, water, utensils… But to attract more customers, you have to add other necessary items. For example, fast food, hot food to serve customers in need. Or a newsstand to provide newspapers, magazines, comic books for everyone.

To get the items, you have to go sourcing. Those are the units that produce essential goods. You must cooperate with them to get the goods at the best price.

Satisfy customer needs

If you have enough essential items, your store will be more and more crowded. And the more guests there are, the more they have different needs. Customer satisfaction is extremely important. Because they are the store’s biggest source of revenue. Remember, your business is convenience stores. Convenience comes first. Only then, new customers regularly visit your store.

Another important thing is that you have to keep the store open 24/7. Customers can visit anytime. Because there are people who work the night shift, or go out late, they will have a need to buy goods at the store.

Compete with opponents

In the market, there is not just one store for your convenience. There are many other stores that are competing directly with you. They have their own business strategies to attract customers. Therefore, you also need to have reasonable business strategies to attract customers to your side. You must ensure that customers always prioritize your store, be it product quality, price or service quality.

Pixel style images

As for the visuals, Convenience Stories is built no different from previous Kairosoft games. It’s still a classic Pixel-style 2D graphics. All images and characters in the game are designed in a simple, simulation style. There is not any novelty or change in the image of the game. Therefore, we will not evaluate this part further!

MOD APK version of Convenience Stories

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money (Increase as you spend)
  • Unlimited Bonus Points, Idea Points

Download Convenience Stories MOD APK latest version for Android

Overall, the gameplay of Convenience Stories is not new. We have introduced many games with the same idle business genre as Idle Railway Tycoon or Idle High School Tycoon. And the image of the game has not changed much compared to previous games of Kairosoft. Although the gameplay of the game is quite interesting, overall, the price of 6.99$ for this game is quite high. Anyway, it’s still a game worth playing, because you can download our Convenience Stories MOD APK completely free!

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