Forest Camp Story v1.3.0 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 09/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.3.0
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 5.0
Package:Google Play Link

Download Forest Camp Story MOD APK for you to participate in a business management game. Your form of business here will be opening a model camping. So what do you need to do? How to develop it? Join the game now, you will be guided through the process in detail.

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Introduce game Forest Camp Story

Forest Camp Story is a management simulation game published by Kairosoft. Create and launch your own campsite in this business management sim. Expand your model, build many activities, grow your business to become famous throughout the city. You will quickly achieve your dream of becoming a rich tycoon. Customers are calling, start your work now!

Business model building

You will be given a small piece of land to start your business. Initially, the budget is limited, you can only build a simple model. The first customers to visit will bring you some money. Use the first coins to expand the model. Besides that. Don’t forget to open more activities like fishing, horse riding, bird watching… it will help you attract customers.

Each plot of land is a place for their customers to camp. So, decorate your surroundings with the many accessories in the store. In addition to good facilities, a good-looking model is also important. Because customers can come here to take commemorative photos, they will choose the most beautiful places. Those are just some simple models, when entering the game you will be suggested to add a lot of other ways to build and develop.

Opening more guest services in the camping area also helps you earn extra income. Restaurants, fast food, sporting goods stores, toys… are the easiest options to develop. Those are essential needs, customers will definitely need them.

Branch expansion

Once you have a stable financial source, you can think about expanding the model. Buy a lot of new land so you can welcome more guests. A large campsite will create a fun and bustling atmosphere, easily attracting tourists. Alternatively, you can expand your branch in another location. Choose the best places in the city to open a new branch. Don’t let your coins freeze, make the most of them!

Build an advertising strategy

When the business is not yet famous, you need to do something to promote your model. First, your business must have good quality to satisfy many customers. They love this place will invite more people to come. Besides, advertising in the media will help your business quickly be known. Investment will be profitable, you can try many other promotional strategies to showcase your model.

Camping Guide

Does your guest have no camping experience? No problem! You can set up guided tours. They will be shown ways to set up a tent. From how to set up stakes, cages and use ropes, they were all given detailed instructions. Of course, you need to hire staff with experience in this. They will guide all visitors in need on your behalf.


You are the owner of the model, your job is to plan and manage employees. Therefore, it is necessary that you hire professional staff to handle the work for you. Ticket sales staff, guides, cleaning staff… you should arrange them in the appropriate position so that they can maximize their ability.


Forest Camp Story gives you 3D graphics with a top view. This allows you to see all the activity in your camping model. From the beautiful scenery to the bustling activities, you can admire your work. The image in the game is built according to the classic pixel technology. Fun characters and cute objects make for a fun camping excursion. Background music will increase the inspiration while you experience this game.

MOD APK version of Forest Camp Story

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money: you can use the money freely, they will never decrease
  • Unlimited Research Points and Items

Download Forest Camp Story MOD APK for Android

Forest Camp Story is the right game for those who like the business model of tourism. You will be directly managing a business of your own. Watching a business grow is the ultimate experience for every player. Create a nationwide camping craze, and you will quickly become a rich tycoon. Download the game now and start your journey.

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