Boxing Gym Story v1.3.5 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

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Latest Version:1.3.5
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Package:Google Play Link

Do you want to own yourself a top boxing gym in the world? Join the Boxing Gym Story game right away to make your dream come true. And version Boxing Gym Story MOD APK helps you have an easier game experience.

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Introduce about Boxing Gym Story

Becoming a boxer is difficult, and becoming a master of a boxing studio is even more difficult. But with Boxing Gym Story, this is really easier than ever. This is a sports game that combines idle elements that many people are looking for.

The game is developed by Kairosoft. This is a quite famous game company from Japan. They develop both mobile games and games for PC and Nintendo Switch. Accordingly, Boxing Gym Story is on sale on Google Play for $ 6.99. This is a pretty high price for a mobile game. Is this game worthy of that price? You can find out through the introduction below.

The content of the game

As you know, Boxing is an adventure sport that not everyone can participate in. It requires the athlete to be in good shape and fitness, and more importantly to train hard. Although the subject is widely available around the world, the number of participants is not much. And Boxing Gym Story game has chosen this sport to develop into an idle management game.

Many boxers dream of becoming professional athletes. They want to win gold medals, precious gold belts. You are the one who can fulfill their dreams. By training martial artists, sending them to competitions so that they can fulfill their passion. Thereby, you earn a lot of money and become a leader in the boxing industry.


Basically, Boxing Gym Story is a management-style, not role-playing sports game. You play the role of a manager, bringing your boxers to the top. You do not directly control fighting characters like fighting games. Show that you are a great manager with smart decisions.

Starting the game, you are assigned to a practice room for development. The first thing you need to do is to recruit boxers from anywhere. Then, you let them step onto the ring to make money for you. Every time your boxer wins, you get quite a lot of bonuses. You need to train them to be strong, ready to conquer every biggest tournament. In addition, you must also focus on marketing and upgrading your gym facilities.

Management of boxers

After recruiting boxers, you are the manager of everything. From practice to selecting a competitor. Every decision is made by you, victory or defeat is also your ability.

The boxers all have their own stats. Those are stats for HP, skill, punch, charm, stamina, defense, and leg movement. Initially, most of the boxers had mediocre stats. Therefore, you need to evolve to increase their stats. With hard work, they will become the top martial artists in the world. They are your money-making tools. And you are the one to fulfill their dream of conquering the top.

The boxers are divided by weight to fight. This is the fairness of sports such as boxing, wrestling … For example, a boxer of 80 kilograms will not be able to fight a 120 kilogram fighter.

Hire a coach

Just like when you do gyms, you can’t thrive without a good coach. And in boxing too, choosing a coach is extremely important. In order for your boxers to become strong and professional like famous boxers, do not hesitate to pay a coach. If the boxers practice well and compete to bring in high prizes, the amount you will receive is much more than that. Of course, you need to make the right decisions for this. Not every fighter should invest in a coach. And more importantly, you must know how much money you have.

Upgrade facilities

Like other idle management games, Boxing Gym Story also allows you to freely upgrade your gym. Facilities are always the top things that are concerned by boxers as well as the audience. If you don’t have good facilities, your gym probably doesn’t have anyone interested. Here, you get to replace new boxing rings, new training equipment, the cafeteria, spa baths and more … The better the facilities, the better your boxers can train. Therefore, you need to constantly upgrade your gym.

Marketing for your boxing room

Your gym has all the facilities, but can’t thrive yet? Why? It is your business strategy. If you don’t market, no one will know your gym. Marketing isn’t just about attracting boxers, it’s audience source that’s important. Without the audience, without the fans, the games would be boring. Thus, it is often said that the fans are the lifeblood of competitive sports.

Classic 2D graphics

Usually, simulation sports games are developed with realistic and eye-catching 3D graphics. Quite surprisingly, Boxing Gym Story owns a classic 2D graphics background. Every detail, design in the game is as simple as possible. You can see that this Pixel style is very similar to classic titles on Java phones. Perhaps this is a developer intent. They want to bring a new experience to the players. Because it is rare for a sports game to choose such a classic 2D graphics.

In addition, the game also allows you to enlarge or shrink the screen to observe. Thanks to that, you can watch the entire scene of the gym. From the first floor to the stage, where the fans gathered.

MOD APK version of Boxing Gym Story

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money: As soon as you log into the game, you already have a large amount of currency to spend.
  • Important note: after entering the game, you are required to select Slot 1 data to experience the MOD version.
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Download Boxing Gym Story MOD APK for Android

In general, the game Boxing Gym Story has a gameplay that is not too new. But the combination with the classic graphic style has attracted many players. However, they do feel the $ 6.99 price tag for this game is expensive. If you want to support developers, buy the game on Google Play. And you want to experience it for free, Boxing Gym Story MOD APK version is the best choice.

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