Idle High School Tycoon v1.12.1 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 04/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.12.1
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Kolibri Games
Package:Google Play Link

Currently, realistic simulation games are gradually becoming more and more popular with players. This genre has a fairly gentle gameplay, close to reality and quite attractive. We have introduced many similar games with many different industries. This time, you will be managing a high school in the game Idle High School Tycoon.

Introduce game Idle High School Tycoon

After quite a successful series of idle simulation games like Idle Barber Shop Tycoon or Idle Restaurant Tycoon, we will introduce another version to players. This time, everyone will be managing a new high school. It is the game Idle High School Tycoon, which was just released not long ago. With the familiar simulation gameplay, you will do everything to develop the school to become more famous. But this time, it will bring more attractiveness than previous versions.

Idle High School Tycoon MOD APK 888x592
Welcome new students from many cities to your school

Become a Principal

Not a tycoon like always, you come here and become the Headmaster. First, create your own school and give it a name. At first, you will run everything in this high school. More than a Principal, the beginning was really hard. It is your responsibility to ensure that students can master all subjects. You need a lot of help, hire as many qualified teachers to help you do this. Believe me, being a Principal is quite an exciting experience!

Make a profit and grow the school

Make a lot of money

Your main aim in this game is to become rich. Idle High School Tycoon makes a lot of features and services for you to earn money. Collect tuition fees, service fees, meals… from your students. Those are the basic expenses that any high school has. Besides, you can open more canteens, water shops inside the school. Each of these services is quite profitable, so you need to take advantage of them. Any service that makes money can help you quickly scale up your school.

School expansion

From a small school, you can develop them to become more famous and modern. Change the location to closer to the city, where more students can be welcomed. Increase the number of schools, expand the scale and more facilities on campus. A large canteen with lots of delicious food, a spacious and airy water sales area… The more services you open inside the school, the more profits you will earn. In particular, you can build the places you once wished your school had in reality. For example, Library, computer room, high-class medical room… and many more.

For students from far away, you can build them a dormitory. This is a pretty good base for high school students. A comfortable and disciplined dormitory, you can directly supervise as a principal. Moreover, building a dormitory will help you host many students from other cities. Both generate more income, and can expand your brand.

Idle High School Tycoon MOD 888x592
Upgrade classrooms, lecture quality and many other facilities

Hire teachers and staff

Hire the teachers with the most expertise in your school. For each respective subject, you need to recruit teachers with university degrees in teaching. The quality of teachers is also quite a lot about the overall quality of the school. Therefore, you need to control and be selective about recruitment. In addition to the main subjects, you can also hire physical and cultural teachers… to diversify the content.

Besides teachers, you cannot ignore the recruitment of cleaning, security and logistics staff. Hard-working security guards and cleaning staff keep your school safe and clean. The union department helps you with all your student problems. The rest and the human resources, accounting… All will handle everything for you, you just need to set out a development strategy and improve the quality for the school. As a principal of your caliber, you can certainly manage things well!

Realistic gameplay

All the content contained in Idle High School Tycoon is inspired by reality. Therefore, you will always feel like you are running a real school. For the first time, you experience a new feeling in high school. No longer feeling like a student, you will now experience moments of a talented, hardworking, and discerning principal. You will learn what teachers and principals do at school for a day. These things you can hardly find in reality, and we believe that they are all interesting experiences.

Idle feature

No need to be online too much to speed up the game when you join Idle High School Tycoon. With its idle feature, the system still works properly even when you are offline. Just set the staff in their place, they will continuously work non-stop. Therefore, you will receive countless profits every time you log into the game. Idle High School Tycoon is very suitable for busy players. Simply because it does not take much time but is quite entertaining. More than that, the realism makes this game even more attractive.

Idle High School Tycoon APK 888x592
The most engaging and engaging idle simulation game


Idle High School Tycoon is a 3D simulation game with simple, rustic images. You will see the context of a modern and lively high school. The images of busy students, or interesting classes make players feel excited. No need to have too colorful graphics with visual effects, this game chooses a light and simple path. Music should also be played continuously to reduce boredom for players.

MOD APK version of Idle High School Tycoon

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money : the money will increase as you use it
  • Unlimited Super Cash

Review from users

Do players like the content in this game? Are they satisfied with the gameplay and what it brings. Let’s take a look at the reviews from users on Google Play!

“The game is good and quite realistic with many attractive features. This is the best high school simulation game I have ever experienced. Don’t take my position as a Principal, I’m free to build and control whatever I like.”

“This is a simulation game, so I don’t ask much about the graphics. Its good gameplay is what attracted my attention. It is like a living book documenting my growth journey. Incredibly great!”

“Good game, has many interesting features. Only thing is that Super Cash is hard to earn. I hope the publisher will give me more tasks so that I can quickly buy the item I like.”

Download Idle High School Tycoon MOD APK for Android

Join Idle High School Tycoon game now and manage your students’ daily school life. This is not like other idle games, but it will give you many interesting experiences of high school stories. Become a real idle headmaster and make your school thrive even more! You won’t find a more engaging school game than Idle High School Tycoon. Download the game now, join and experience the exciting content!

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