Ultimate Truck Simulator v1.8 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 08/12/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.8
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Publisher:Sir Studios
Package:Google Play Link

The same genre of racing game, but Ultimate Truck Simulator always creates its own uniqueness. This is a racing game in which there are large vehicles such as trucks, off-road vehicles, container trucks… It’s strange, isn’t it! Super beautiful images, attractive gameplay, this is a game that you should not ignore. To have a lot of money to buy a car, you can consider using our MOD version.

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Introduce game Ultimate Truck Simulator

Ultimate Truck Simulator is a racing simulation game published by Sir Studios. This is the best truck driving simulation game of 2020 with the most realistic driving mechanics. Unlimited customization, addictive gameplay will bring you endless fun. Super realistic 3D graphics with vivid images and eye-catching action sequences. Open the game up and join us now in this amazing game!

Variety of racing cars xe

Racing trucks, off-road vehicles, rocket cars … a lot of vehicles are included in the game’s collection. Choose your favorite vehicle and do whatever you want in a huge open world map. Each type of vehicle has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the terrain. Rocket cars can be very fast, but in uneven terrain, terrain vehicles are the number 1 choice. Therefore, owning a variety of vehicles is important to you.

You can buy vehicles directly from the system’s garage. It contains all types of cars with many different purchase prices. Of course, the more expensive the car, the more its strengths will be. In addition, you need to reach a certain level to be able to buy some vehicles. So, don’t just focus on making money, but ignore the quests that give Exp.

Unlimited customization

Create a unique look for your vehicle to show off to the world. From loads of vinyls to car parts, you can create your own dream car with this game. Creativity has no limits, do whatever you like. In addition, you can also upgrade the car’s parts to make the engine run more smoothly. It’s a huge advantage for you to finish first in every race. But above all, it still lies in your control skills.

Realistic driving mechanics

Ultimate Truck Simulator combines realism and fun driving physics to create the best car driving simulator. It possesses advanced, complete and convenient car driving physics engine. From euro trucks to monster trucks, they all have their own physics! Due to the different driving mechanics create many new experiences for players. At the same time, it is also more realistic because not all cars have the same driving mechanism.


Challenge your skills through a variety of complex and uneven terrain. From cities to deserts, with the largest variety of open world maps with extremely detailed backgrounds. Drive on endless offroad area with your extreme truck and experience the most realistic truck driving feeling on mobile. Ultimate Truck Simulator requires a lot of your skills such as drift, speed control, obstacle avoidance…

Graphics, sound

Quality pictures

With the help of advanced graphics engine, Ultimate Simulator now offers the most realistic graphics. The best 3D graphics ever have been applied in this game. You will have a hard time distinguishing your extreme trucks from the real thing. Because the images are designed with high detail, everything in the game is extremely realistic.

Live sound

All sounds are recorded from real trucks to give the most thrills to the players. From real racing car sounds to burning truck engines, each truck has its own distinctive sound. In addition, the lively background music also makes players more inspired. Thus, they will be more comfortable in each dramatic match.

MOD APK version of Ultimate Truck Simulator

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money: you will get large amount of currency

Download Ultimate Truck Simulator MOD APK for Android

Ultimate Truck Simulator deserves to be the best racing simulation game of 2020. The game is always updated with new features for users. Realistic driving mechanics, engaging gameplay will be addictive for anyone to experience for the first time. High quality graphics and sound designed by modern technology. What are you waiting for, do not experience this game right now!

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