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Last updated: 25/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:0.13
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Proud Father APK is a role-playing simulation game, playing in the familiar visual novel style, but with an extremely attractive plot. This game will let you enjoy romantic love stories.

Introduce about Proud Father

This game is developed by Westy game company. And it is not released on the usual Android or iOS app markets. Therefore, you can only experience the game through our Proud Father APK version provided. After the introduction below, you can download the game completely for free.

Unique plot

Game Proud Father is built with a pretty compelling storyline about the life of an unstable family. You will play as a grown man. And your family members include your daughter, your sister and even your niece. Before, you got a wife and had a lovely daughter. After you get married, your sister also gets married and moves out of the house.

But both of you are unlucky in this. It was time 4 years ago, your wife unfortunately passed away. And your sister was abandoned by her husband. And your life starts all over again when your sister and her baby come back to live with you. Your daughter, along with your niece are the same age, so they are very close. Over the years, your family has lived peacefully.

Until you start feeling crazy thoughts. That is, you gradually develop feelings for some family members. When you’re alone for so long after your wife’s death, who will be the next person who can make you fall in love again? That completely depends on how you play.

Play the game the way you think

Game Proud Father is developed in the style of visual novel. You can discover the fascinating content of the game through chats. By interacting with the main characters, you will feel like you are directly stepping into their lives. In each situation, the game offers choices for you to decide for your fate. Make choices in your own mind, and be careful with those choices.

Develop a relationship with the main character

This is a game about love, so each player’s goal is to date the person they want. In your family there are many beautiful women, even they are your relatives. But in this game, there are no rules about love. Therefore, you can choose any woman to develop feelings for.

Download Proud Father APK latest version for Android

Overall, Proud Father offers an extremely engaging experience thanks to its unique storyline. In particular, the game is also designed with extremely sharp and realistic illustrations. Right now, you can download Proud Father APK to play the game!

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