My City : Hospital APK v4.0.1 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 14/07/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:4.0.1
MOD Info:APK Original
Publisher:My Town Games
Package:Google Play Link

Have you ever wanted to play as a doctor and run your own hospital? Take care of babies and help people? My City: Hospital is the busiest and most professional emergency medical center! Take the baby, call the emergency helicopter, prepare the emergency room for the next patient! With lots of interactive fun, hidden labs to explore, My City: Hospital will bring you hours of fun!

If you have not experienced any version of My City, visit and search the homepage. Or you can always access here.

Introduce game My City : Hospital

Continuing with the My City series, this time My Town Games will take you to a famous hospital experience. Here, players – especially children can visit the hospital, learn from the doctor’s work, participate directly in the treatment of patients … There are countless interesting places that children have discoverable. Coming to My City: Hospital, children can both entertain and learn a lot of interesting knowledge about the hospital.

Explore the hospital

Coming to My City: Hospital, children can explore all the interesting things in the hospital. Children can find out which areas in the hospital, what people here do … All this is simulated and built in detail, authenticity. Children will feel like they are exploring a real hospital.

Many interesting places

More places to visit means kids will have more fun in this doctor game. Join your child to unlock all of the following locations:

  • Check-in counters: children can start with the easiest job as the procedure. Fill in information, pay money, give examination forms to patients … Here, children will learn the required procedures in all hospitals.
  • Clinic, emergency room: This is arguably the most important location in the hospital. Here, children will witness the busyness and busyness of doctors and nurses. They always focus on their work maximally: curing, preparing surgical equipment, cleaning … Children can also directly participate in the work of a doctor. Children will see the joy of the patient when fully cured. Above all, children will have a good view of this noble profession.
  • Hidden Lab: This site allows the child to practice all the doctor’s jobs. With a multitude of tools and practice models, children can freely learn how to do medical examination, surgery or any job of a real doctor.

And there are many other interesting places waiting for children to explore. Each location will have a different experience, you together with your child gradually unlock and visit them all.

The feeling of becoming a doctor

The hospital setting along with all the activities here will make children feel like a real doctor. Directly participating in all work, guiding people, working according to the plan … Not only is a game, My City: Hospital is also an extremely quality educational application.

Safe for children

Parents can rest assured for children to play by themselves because My City: Hospital is extremely safe. Content is highly educational, without harmful content. Ads also won’t appear, and there’s no 3rd party IAP. With fun characters and highly detailed locations, kids can roleplay by creating and unfolding their own stories. .

Connect with other cities

All versions of My City are interconnected. Therefore, children can move and share characters through the games of My City. This game is like a fully interactive doll house in which your child can touch and interact with almost any object you see. The publisher also supports multi-touch so kids can play with friends and family on the same screen.


My City: Hospital is designed with bright graphics. Lovely characters and highly detailed objects. Multitasking also helps children to play with friends or relatives on the same device. All content in this game is directed to children, so there are no harmful images. Exciting background music will inspire children to explore.

Download My City : Hospital APK for Android

All versions of My City are fun and highly educational. And with My City: Hospital to be launched this time, children will discover many things at the hospital. Both entertaining and helping children learn a lot of knowledge, too great for an educational game. Currently this game is on sale for $ 2.99 on the Google Play store. But for us, everything for you is free. Just download the APK file below and get ready for your child to begin their adventure!

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