Bouncy College v1.0.2 Mod APK (Menu MOD)

Last updated: 20/01/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.2
MOD Info:Menu MOD
Requires:Android 4.1+
Package:Google Play Link

Bouncy College MOD APK is a role-playing game with 3D animation style that you should not miss! With many attractive features and attractive gameplay, this game is ready to defeat any player. Download the game and start your journey to defend your fantasy homeland.

Introduce game Bouncy College

Bouncy College is an entry game with a turn-based style. You can also experience more games Rage of Destiny just released if you love this cagegory. Going deep into Bouncy College, you will discover extremely attractive storylines. Besides, there are calculated and strategic battles. Romantic love stories will come if you succeed against the dark forces. Join now!

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Upgrade your character


It has been over 1000 years since the invasion of some unknown variant on your planet. And their intentions remain unclear even today.

We have to investigate mysterious incidents happening around the world in recent years! That is the goal of the people in Bouncy College. This place was established as an ultimate training base for elite soldiers. These female college students who appear to be living an ordinary life are actually elite warriors. They are always ready to fight to save the earth.

Thanks to your secret hidden power, you have been recruited to command the girls. You will join them to fight against unidentified life forms from outer space. Countless challenges and fierce missions, can you succeed? Surely, you will receive many worthy rewards for the girls after the Earth is rescued.

Quest System

Bouncy College owns a long and engaging storyline to each situation. It is a collection of more than 100 different events, connected into a logical, engaging story. Therefore, every time you open a story, you will receive quests. More than 100 main and side quests constantly appear for you to complete. More SP missions with higher difficulty and many unique rewards are waiting for you. Do SP quests whenever you feel ready. Each stage comes with different mechanics, so you should slowly lead your team to the end of the story.

Don’t miss any events! Chances are a certain line is the answer to the task you are doing. Each time you complete the mission, you will receive many attractive rewards. That includes exp, money and some more items like new characters or equipment… Complete all the adventures, win rewards and get more girls to join your party. Don’t skip any quests for a chance to increase your power!

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Challenging and dramatic battles

Enjoy the exciting gameplay

Bouncy College has fun and easy to learn role-playing gameplay. Collect your warrior girls and form a team. Entering the match, the girls will attack in turn. The order of attack depends on the strategy you implement. Drag to attack and use Skills to increase damage to monsters. This game also has a World Boss mode. You can join this mode every day to test your strength and practice how to fight effectively. Build a perfect squad and a reasonable strategy, you will easily win every victory.


Collect woman warriors

Bouncy College brings you more than 15 powerful female warriors. Each girl has unique attributes and skill sets. Therefore, their fighting style is also completely different. If you own all these female warriors, you can face any of the strongest monsters. There are many characters to choose from, which means you can create many different squads. It is this flexibility that allows you to be more proactive in every challenging battle. Each girl also has a specific image and profile for you to know about every attribute and information about them.

Character upgrade

Power up your favorite girl in different ways and build your own play style. Leveling up will provide an overall stat upgrade for the character. Mastery will increase some specific aspects like Attack and Speed. While leveling up and evolving will bring new abilities to the character. Participating in daily and weekly events will help you get more materials to upgrade the girls.

Bouncy College MOD 888x500
Collect all the strongest characters in the game

PvP Battle Mode

You can play against players around the world in PvP and win awesome rewards! Such fighting matches will help you accumulate combat experience. Moreover, you can learn more good tactics from your opponent. This is something that you can’t see when just fighting the Boss in the story mode. Moreover, the rewards from PvP ranking are extremely valuable. Finally, what players look forward to most in this mode is to appear in the top of the strongest players in the world.

Graphics, sound

Bouncy College brings a high quality 3D graphics with vivid and beautiful images. Thereby showing the value of a highly rated role-playing game. Skill effects, combat effects combine to create exciting and passionate battles. In particular, we are extremely impressed with the character creation in the game. The female warriors are beautiful, seductive but still exude the aura of a super warrior. In terms of sound, we have realistic voice acting, exciting battle sounds. It all comes together to make a perfect, quality role-playing game.

MOD APK version of Bouncy College

MOD feature

  • Menu
  • God
  • One Hit Kill

Download Bouncy College MOD APK for Android

Bouncy College is truly an irresistible classic RPG! It is perfect from content, gameplay to unique 3D graphics. This game is also the perfect balance between addictive gameplay and cartoon art. Explore all game modes and enjoy the most exciting adventure of your life! Download the MOD APK version below our article, you will have many advantages!

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