Tensura: King of Monsters v1.16.0 Mod APK (MOD Menu/God Mode)

Last updated: 10/05/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.16.0
MOD Info:MOD Menu/God Mode
Publisher:Hoolai Game
Package:Google Play Link

When super-famous characters gather, they create an earthquake. And that happened when Tensura: King of Monsters was released. The combined power of the skills that dominate the battlefield will create a powerful army. Join the game and suppress all monsters with your skills that combine smooth, perfect. Our MOD version is really useful, please consider using it.

Introduce about Tensura: King of Monsters

Released by Hoolai Game, Tensura: King of Monsters is a classic role-playing game with extremely beautiful 3D graphics. Inspired by famous anime characters in Japan, this game is like a fascinating meeting. Attractive plot and gameplay, this game will not disappoint you. We were even more impressed with its amazing graphics, incredible and beautiful. Please join us to enjoy together!


Tensura: King of Monsters is a turn-based combat role-playing game. Heroes will fight together on a 3×3 board with up to 9 people. They will take turns attacking the opponent until they fall down. Hundreds of locations you can go to and fight until the end of the game. Upgrade character’s stats and levels to get maximum strength before each battle. The heroes have a close connection will maximize their strength when fighting together.


Tensura: King of Monsters has an extremely diverse character system. Character design and origin are inspired by popular anime series. Therefore, some heroes will have a strong bond as they appear in the same work. When fighting together, the charm feature will be activated and the strength stat will be increased. You can build a lineup around characters of the same origin to maximize strength.

Each character will have different skills and different uses. They will be divided into defend types, support, and sorties. A perfect lineup must have all of the above types to promote all the attributes. Characters will be unlocked after the story chapters. The more chapters you complete, the more powerful heroes you can summon.

Animation skills

The unique difference in this game is the scene of reappear the character’s skills. Before the attack, each character will have a short performance of skillful and beautiful movements with 3D graphics and modern shading technology. Each character will have splendid scenes with flexible and meticulous movements. Such scenes are extremely attractive to players of this game. Every screenshot is the perfect phone wallpaper. Reproducing the skills of the anime in detail and providing top quality visuals, you will be extremely satisfied.

Develope your Rimuru

Rimuru is a unique re-creation of the anime series. They have the ability to activate new skills and attributes and are known as “predators”. You will be given a Rimuru and begin the process of developing them. Choose from Rimuru’s core skill with different attributes to combine it with different monsters. This will help you create your own unique Rimuru. It is also the character who follows you through the challenging journey ahead.

Battle background

Diverse combat context gives players the feeling of not being bored. Because Tensura: King of Monsters has a quite large map, so this game has many different settings such as forests, cliffs, dungeons …


Before that, we mentioned that this game uses 3D graphics and modern shading technology. This makes the movements of the characters more realistic and vivid in every detail. The graphics of Tensura: King of Monsters can be compared to 3D games on the computer. Therefore, it is not too surprising that this game weighs 1.5GB. With every movement and facial expression, you will feel like you are watching a famous anime movie. The game experience is the best way for you to feel the great graphics of Tensura: King of Monsters.

MOD APK version of Tensura: King of Monsters

MOD feature

In the MOD Menu of the game, you will have the following MOD features:

  • Dumb Enemy
  • God Mode
  • Auto Win

Download Tensura: King of Monsters MOD APK for Android

In our opinion, this is the most attractive role-playing game in early 2021. Attractive gameplay with top-notch graphics designed by modern technology will give you the best experience. Please note that you need to install the OBB file in order to install the game on your device. Wish you have great entertainment!

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