Obey Me! v7.0.0 Mod APK (Dumb Enemy, Skill DMG)

Last updated: 13/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:7.0.0
MOD Info:Dumb Enemy, Skill DMG
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:NTT Solmare
Package:Google Play Link

A brand new dating sim called Obey Me! MOD APK is out! What to do when too many people like you at once? Build the relationship yourself, go deeper or stop depending on how you feel. Lots of other entertainment surrounding this great dating game awaits you.

Introduce game Obey Me!

Obey Me! MOD APK is a brand new otome dating simulation game. In it, chibi characters become a part of your life. For the first time in your life, you’ll know what it’s like to have so many followers. Flirt, date anyone you like, give them gifts. Besides, you can entertain with many other game modes. Enjoy your new life in your own way!

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Get to know many beautiful and charming anime characters

The right player

Anyone can play this game, but not everyone likes it! So, if you have the below hobbies, we are sure this game will bring you great experiences.

  • Do you like online dating sims?
  • Want to experience a diverse, unique love story
  • Likes otome novels, interested in otaku culture
  • Loyal fans of popular anime novels
  • Moreover…


You were selected to become an exchange student at RAD. This is a school for demons, isolated from the busy world outside. There, 7 ikemen brothers will challenge you in turn through a mountain of quests. What motivates you to try to survive here? That’s in school there are a lot of people like you, they send acquaintance messages every day. Remember the only rule for your survival – “One master rules them all”. Be the strongest and enjoy the love stories at RAD.

Chat every day

Every day, you will receive lots of text messages and calls from handsome, charming characters. Specifically, the 7 ikemen demon brothers. Even though they have demon blood, they still have emotions and appearance that are completely similar to humans. They also need love, they know how to cherish those they love. Now, you are the target of their pursuit! The initial conversations will be the focal point for everyone to connect. You have the choice to answer or refuse, the most important thing still lies in your feelings!

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Chat every day via chat box or call

Your relationship can be compared by the level of intimacy. In the game system, the intimacy index will be displayed. The way you interact with the characters changes this stat. So, if you have a crush on a guy, try to increase the intimacy quotient. If certain conditions are met, it means that you and your partner can start dating.

Card Battle

The love story will only revolve around you and 7 ikemen demon brothers. Left, a lot of other evil demons can still cause trouble for you. They pursue your soul, with the purpose of absorbing energy. With the help of 7 ikeme brothers, you can defeat them through card battles. Choose your team, watch adorable chibi characters appear on your screen, and enjoy different music for each level. Collect cards, level up and win battles!

Device requirements

For a smooth experience, your phone needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Android 4.4+
  • Stable internet speed, high speed (2Mbps)
  • Minimum RAM 2G

Today’s smart phones can completely meet the above requirements. Therefore, we believe that you can completely experience this game in the most perfect way.

Obey_Me! MOD 888x500
Have fun with super cute card battles

Great graphics

Obey Me! has pretty quality graphics, vivid colorful 3D images. Beautiful character designs, diverse looks and unique costumes. If you love anime novels, you can easily see the familiar images. This game is like a novel, but you can interact, role play and write your own story. Besides, the characters are also voiced and integrated with attractive background music.

MOD APK version of Obey Me!

MOD features

  • Menu (reboot after first start to enable menubutton)
  • No skills for the enemy
  • High DMG for skill

Download Obey Me! MOD APK for Android

Overall, we noticed the Obey Me! MOD APK is a good game, worth experiencing. The plot, characters, events and features in the game are all extremely attractive and attractive. The game combines the main story and combat so you will not be bored. Like a dating sim, you’ll find loads of romantic love stories and even backstory for each of those events. Do not hesitate any longer, download the game now and write a beautiful ending for yourself!

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