YouTube Music v5.36.51 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 12/12/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:5.36.51
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Publisher:Google LLC
Genre:Music - Audio
Package:Google Play Link

YouTube Music is an application that is attracting a lot of attention from users. Surely, all of us will know about the YouTube video social. However, not everyone knows about the YouTube Music application. This is an app that specializes in music. Let’s find out what this application has to offer to make you use it.

About YouTube Music

The YouTube Music app is a music streaming application. It houses thousands of official music videos from YouTube. Is an application developed by the publisher Google. Therefore, we are completely assured of the safety and reputation of this application. With thousands of downloads this application has brought many interesting experiences to users. Let’s learn more about this app with me.

YouTube Music – your music world

The YouTube Music app is a subsection of the YouTube social network. Therefore, they own a huge library of music videos. With a variety of music genres, languages, singers… Surely, every song you want to listen to can be found on this application.

Moreover, YouTube Music also owns exclusive content from YouTube. Therefore, the quality of the content on this application will always be the best. At the same time, the unique and creative point in each video is not easy to find in other applications on the market.

Outstanding features at YouTube Music

With the function of just a normal music application like many other applications. However, YouTube Music offers outstanding features that not all music applications have.

Smart search and recommendations for users

Leveraging YouTube’s billions of users and intelligent AI platform, YouTube Music automatically archives all your scattered searches. From there, the app makes recommendations based on the user’s “gut”. Include the latest videos/songs of your favorite artists in the “Live Performances” section that users love so much.

Another interesting thing for global music lovers is that on YouTube Music, users will not find any unrelated information like games, news, TV shows, sports, etc. It’s all about music and music.

Ability to use offline when there is no internet connection

Understand the difficulties of users when using music applications that can only be heard when there is internet. Therefore, YouTube Music has improved the application function so that users can listen to music even without internet. This makes it more convenient for users to use. This feature is updated on both the free and pro versions of this app.

Wide range of use

As a sub-application of YouTube, YouTube Music has a wide network of activities around the world. Most people can download this application to use. However, the app will not work for some countries that embargo YouTube. The application has a mode to remember the main ID, so if you are in this country and go to another country to use the app, it will be a bit difficult.

Limit interstitial ads

Not only that, but YouTube Music also has a separate optimization point. If on YouTube, we are often annoyed with interrupting ads. On the contrary, YouTube Music has almost no ads in the middle of the video if you use the Pro version. This makes the application more user-friendly.

MOD APK version of YouTube Music 

The YouTube Music app is now available in online app stores on all devices. The application publisher also offers users 2 versions, Free and Pro. With the Free version, you just need to download the application to your device and use it normally. As for the Pro version, you need to pay to upgrade the application package.

However, not everyone is eligible to upgrade to pro. That’s why we created the YouTube Music MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) – with the same features as the app pro.

MOD features

With the use of YouTube Music MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) version, you will experience the following new features:

  • Allows access to exclusive playlists without waiting.
  • Limit ads displayed when using the app.
  • Enhance information security.

These upgraded features will definitely give you the best experience when using the app. Surely you will feel satisfied with these upgraded features.

Installation instructions (important)

  • Step 1, you download the file Vanced Manager at the link below.
  • When the download is complete, open the app and install the latest YouTube Music app.
  • Select the installation method (Root/Non-Root).
  • Finally, you can experience the Youtube Music app!

Download YouTube Music MOD APK mới  nhất cho Android 

Currently, the MOD version of YouTube Music is available on download tools on devices. Therefore, downloading the app for your device is no longer too difficult. However, while downloading the MOD version we need to choose the right way to install Root. If you are a music lover or want to experience interesting things, immediately download this application. Don’t forget to share your personal experiences using the app with us.

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