Musixmatch v7.12.0 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 29/11/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:7.12.0
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Genre:Music - Audio
Package:Google Play Link

Listening to music is a great entertainment tool that we inherit. The feeling of sitting swaying and humming to each music will make people more comfortable. But now, music is more than just soft, melodic non-verbal music. The lyrics are meaningful and suitable for the mood of the listener. Therefore, you need Musixmatch for the best music experience.

Introduce about Musixmatch

A song is best when you understand the meaning of that song. To understand the lyrics, in addition to listening, you need to have lyrics. Since you do not only listen to music in one language, you will certainly listen to many foreign songs. So what needs to be done to read the lyrics? With “Musixmatch music & lyrics”, you can easily see the lyrics to enjoy the fullest. This is an application that will help users instantly read the lyrics on many different platforms. That could be popular platforms like Youtube, Spotify, Pandora, …

Great choice for music players

Are you a music listener and trend ahead? Then surely you already know the very popular music listening applications such as: Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, … As a music player, you definitely need to have words songs that you can practice singing along or reading to understand.

Usually, music players have built-in lyrics in their music players. But lately, quite a few music platforms have removed that feature. But don’t worry, Musixmatch is there to help you. This app provides absolutely accurate lyrics for every song you listen to. It is not possible to have 100% of the songs worldwide, but basically there will be the most popular songs. So Musixmatch is an indispensable tool for every music player.

Easy to use

Is this app difficult to use? The answer is of course no. If you download Musixmatch for the first time, you will be given a detailed user guide. The first thing you need to do when opening the app is to tap on real time notifications. Then the screen displays Floating Lyrics icon. Right after that you can experience the feature of viewing the currently playing lyrics. You need to remember that, to enable this useful feature, you must activate the Floating Lyrics icon. And then you just have to experience the music with this amazing application.

Read all languages

More than just an entertainment app, Musixmatch is also a learning app for you. You will learn a lot more new languages by listening to foreign music. You have just listened to music, and at the same time you read the lyrics so this will be an effective learning method. The scientific studies, analyzes and reviews offered for this are completely correct. Because inherently 4 basic skills of language learning are listening, speaking, reading, and writing, you have done half of it. Thanks to that, you can both relax with your favorite music and learn a foreign language. If you have free time, you can choose Musixmatch as a new method of learning.

Search for a song

The features we are going to introduce below will surprise you. When you are sitting somewhere and hearing some very catchy music playing around, you definitely want to find those songs. But how do we find them? If you can’t find one, you definitely feel very uncomfortable. But with Musixmatch, you can easily find every song you hear.

Search by recording

With just a few small taps of Musixmatch, you can find out exactly which song you didn’t name. Because this application supports searching for songs in many different ways. The easiest way for you is to find music using the application’s mic. You just need to open the application, turn on the mic for the system to record the currently playing music, it will find the correct results for you. Of course, there are no apps that can find all the songs. Because the worldwide music scene is enormous and unlimited. But the majority of popular and trending songs can be found in Musixmatch.

Enter text

An audio, music application requires song search. Of course, this feature has also been applied in the best way by “Musixmatch music & lyrics”. You can search for a song by its name, artist’s name or sometimes just a single sentence in the lyrics. Since this is a lyrics app, you can find a song from a sentence in the song you hear. This is also a pretty quick way to find a song you don’t know the name of.

Works even with screen off

Another feature that is also highly appreciated by users in Musixmatch is the lock screen. Sometimes, you don’t want to turn on your phone to listen to music, but still want the lyrics to sing along. And that gas, this unique feature of Musixmatch will come into play. The application supports you to use it even when you have turned off the phone screen. When the screen is locked, the lyrics are still running on your screen. The feature applies very well to Spotify, Play Music and other popular music applications. Just turn it on and you can use them at any time.

New update

The developer is always working hard to make Musixmatch the best possible for you. After each update is released, this app gets better, delivering a better experience. In the latest update, the developer has redesigned the player for lyrics without the need for a music source. Along with that are the minor bugs of the old version have been fixed.

Premium APK version of Musixmatch

Musixmatch application is released in the form of free download. However, you can only use its basic features. The developer brings a Musixmatch Premium version that costs a monthly maintenance fee. Of course, this version will have more advanced features. But we have Musixmatch MOD APK, which has unlocked all the premium features of Musixmatch Premium. You just need to download, install and experience it for free and forever.

Download Musixmatch Premium APK (MOD Unlocked) for Android

Application “Musixmatch music & lyrics” is a music application almost perfect for all users. With a lot of special features such as reading lyrics in music being broken in popular apps like Youtube, Spotify, Pandora, to the lock screen features that allow users to still know the lyrics right away. in the lock screen, … All applications bring to the user to get the best experience.

Overall, Musixmatch is a great app for your music geek. It helps you to enjoy foreign music more easily. You can even consider it as an effective method of learning a foreign language. Here is the link to download Musixmatch MOD APK for you.

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