YouTube v16.12.32 Mod APK (MOD Unlocked)

Last updated: 06/04/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:16.12.32
MOD Info:MOD Unlocked
Genre:Music - Audio
Package:Google Play Link

Youtube Premium APK will help you to play video without ads and work in the background. If the AdBlock widget is available on your PC, your phone only needs the YouTube Premium APK. Download it now if you want to watch Youtube in the most comfortable way.

If you want to surf the web without ads, let use Puffin Browser Pro.

Introduce about YouTube

Founded in 2005, so far, Youtube has affirmed its position. This app has grown incredibly strong since it was acquired by Google in 2006. This is a social application that allows you to post and watch videos around the world. In other words, it is the largest video sharing community in the world right now. Countless content with diverse genres, you can surf and watch Youtube all day without getting bored. In addition, you can also earn hefty sums of money from your creative videos.

Enjoy the content

As the world’s largest video sharing community, YouTube obviously has a huge number of videos and diverse genres. From any industry, industry or anyone can share videos on Youtube. Especially the famous artist, they use Youtube to promote their products. Talor Swift, Charli Puth, Bruno Mars … all upload their music videos with billions of views on this platform. Chef Gordon Ramsey, World football clubs, filmmakers, TV shows … all use Youtube. As you can see, you can search for any kind of video on this app.

Content on Youtube is limitless! New videos updated every minute, every hour. Therefore, it is also the fastest news update platform. Plus, you are always informed of the hottest news of the day from the proposal. Not only is a video for entertainment and learning, this is like an electronic newspaper in which it is purely a real video.

Content creation

Content on Youtube is the creation of countless people around the world. You can also create content yourself and share it on your channel. Your video will be sent to many viewers and they will give you a review. Youtube highly values new and creative content. Therefore, if you always re-post other people’s videos on your channel, you will be warned and delete the channel. Simply because you have violated the exact “copyright” of Youtube.

Regardless of the content, as long as it is clean and useful, many people will be interested in it. Your creativity will contribute to a thriving community. There, you will bring a lot of fun and useful things to the viewers.


Facebook launched the Livestream feature, and it’s now hugely popular among influencers. But it must also be said that Youtube is the leader in the Livestream field. There famous gamers, singers or filmmakers will share directly the screen displaying what they want to share. From there, users can comment directly. This is like a celebrity-viewer gathering, but with online form.

Used by many famous people

It is not exaggerated to say that almost all of the famous people in the world use it. Regardless of the field, Youtube is really popular in promoting their products and services. You can find any celebrity on Youtube, from videos and even the main channel. Thereby, it can be seen that Youtube is really a popular and very important platform at the moment.

Make money from Youtube

Not only entertainment, you can also generate a steady income from this application. Not to mention that you have great influence, you can also make a lot of money. But most importantly, you need to have content that is creative, clean, and free from social evils. If you meet the minimum requirement of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers, YouTube will review your channel and consider turning on monetization.

Your money will be calculated according to the number of ad viewing hours (Youtube will integrate for you when monetization is enabled) and the number of views (rate will be based on region). Therefore, the more interest your video attracts, the higher your income will be. Besides, the number of likes for your video will determine to be recommended to many viewers.

The content is strictly censored

YouTube’s regulators are regularly scanned for content. As a result, videos with malicious content are always taken down in time. In addition, the channels that post the videos will also be removed. You can rest assured to experience Youtube with safe and entertaining content. In particular, this is also a place that many parents use to serve their children’s education. Useful videos about animals, English, objects … are very suitable for young children. If you are a student or a student, this is also the place to find all relevant knowledge. And countless other useful things, Youtube is truly a leading safe, educational, and entertaining platform.


A video has a sudden and sudden number of views, it will be in the top popular. This is where many users go when they are looking for a really cool video. The popular videos that reach the top are always high quality videos. If you are wondering what to watch on Youtube, this is also a useful and fastest search. The prevailing rankings are always changing because other videos also have a surge in views. Therefore, there is always a variety of new content and videos here so that you can access more and better videos.


Sign in with your account so you can customize your own settings. You can subscribe to popular channels or upload your own videos. You will be able to comment on and like any video you want. In addition, the personalization will help store the videos you watch often and always recommend similar content. For example, if you often listen to a certain song, the system will suggest songs related to the content, artist, genre … This is an extremely useful feature so that you will not be done. bothered by unwanted content on the main interface.

Become an indispensable application

According to statistics, Youtube has views and access rates continuously throughout 24 hours. You can easily see people watching Youtube anywhere. And it is also possible that you are an extremely popular person watching Youtube videos. Before you go to bed, you also surf Youtube, and every hour you browse for new entertainment content. As can be seen, Youtube is now like an indispensable friend beside. It’s so popular that phone makers have the app pre-installed in their apps menu. And if your phone does not have Youtube, you can download it on Google Play, iOS or download the premium version right here.

Youtube Premium version

Premium version of Youtube will make your experience more comfortable. What is more specific? Let us present you now!

No advertising

Advertising is a must for Youtube to be maintained. However, it is unavoidable to make the viewer feel uncomfortable. The ad frequency appears so high that they cannot enjoy it most comfortably. Therefore, Youtube Premium was born for you to experience a version without ads.

Play video in background

If you’ve been using youtube for a while, you already know that the video will stop playing if the screen turns off. This is really detrimental when you listen to music on it. If the screen is left on continuously, it will drain the battery. Background play will help you to solve this problem. The video will still play even if the phone screen is turned off. Only when you actually exit the app will the video play. So you can comfortably put your phone down, enjoy top-notch music while you work.

Save videos offline

Save videos whenever you really need to! In the absence of an internet connection such as flying, out of network coverage, you can save it in your list. Until you return home or go to a place with the internet, you can open it up and enjoy. Extremely convenient is not it!

Should you use Youtube Premium?

There is no reason to decline this Premium version. It gives you the most comfortable when enjoying video. Besides that is a huge utility with the feature to save videos offline and play in the background. The cost of registration and renewal is not too expensive for each month of use. If you want to use it for free, our MOD version is the perfect choice.

Premium APK (MOD) version of Youtube

MOD feature

  • MOD Unlock: Premium version has been permanently unlocked, just download and experience for free.

Installation Instructions

For rooted devices

  • Uninstall the original Youtube version on your phone (if any)
  • Turn on “unknown sources” in the settings and download the APK file below
  • Open the downloaded APK file and select install
  • The process is complete, open the app and experience

For non-rooted devices

You’ll need to download and install microG if you want to sign in to YouTube. The installation method is the same as above, but microG can be downloaded below the article.


How to turn on making money on Youtube?

First of all, you need to login to your account and have your own Youtube channel. After that, you need to post your content. Once you have reached 4000 hours of viewing and 1000 subscribers, you can send an email asking to enable monetization. Youtube will confirm it, and if it meets the requirements, you will be enabled to make money. You can track your progress through the Statistics section.

Why are there videos without subtitles on Youtube?

Video subtitles are added by the video’s poster. It depends on which language subtitles are offered for you by the owner. Youtube’s system does not add subtitles to the video.

How do I get my video recommended on Youtube?

The proposal is based on a lot of factors. Your video with high likes, comments and shares will be suggested. Besides, if the video has continuous views and more will also be given priority because it has high content value.

Can I make money from livestreaming games on youtube?

As long as your channel has been approved for monetization, any activity that generates views from users can earn money.

Who has the most subscribers on Youtube?

By 2021, the person with the most subscribers is Pewdiepie. He currently has 109 million subscribers, more than any individual or organization. Pewdiepie is a game streamer, he has held this record since 2013.

Reviews from users

Here are some of the reviews from users about Youtube. You can consult these multidimensional opinions to have a better look at this application:

“YouTube is an application where users can easily find social, political, cultural, and entertainment information. At the same time, it is possible to interact with people on the revolutionary community quickly and conveniently. Rate this application. A great application for people to connect and share with each other all matters in their life.

“Youtube is a very convenient application when people need to entertain or learn to learn. Not only domestic entertainment, but also can watch foreign videos thanks to the subtitle feature. This problem is often faulty, for every half of the video subtitles will not show subtitles, even though the video has been subtitled. Hope the producer can correct this error. Besides that, Youtube is fine “

“Youtube is a very useful site! It would be good if I develop a screen exit button and still work as usual. I have been using youtube for more than 6 hours, but using it, I cannot go to other sites. Nowadays, almost no one is used on social networks. But after using it, it is impossible to access those pages anymore, please improve if possible. Wish Youtube day to become stronger and more popular.

Download Youtube Premium APK for Android

Youtube is the world’s leading attractive entertainment platform. It really brings too many benefits to the user. Subscribe to channels you love, create your own, share with friends, and watch on any device. Besides, it also makes your life easier with the monetization feature. Talking about the video is thinking about Youtube, this application has won the trust of the majority of users around the world. For us, this is an application that you must have in your phone. Do not hesitate to join the largest video sharing community in the world with us!

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