JOOX Music v7.24.0 Mod APK (VIP Unlocked)

Last updated: 27/05/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:7.24.0
MOD Info:VIP Unlocked
Publisher:Tencent Mobility Limited
Genre:Music - Audio
Package:Google Play Link

Over time, we find JOOX Music to be an extremely great music player. Therefore, we want to recommend JOOX Music MOD APK version, free unlock VIP package of this app. The file is attached below the post, you can download it now.

Introducing JOOX Music

The current songs are mixed with extremely catchy and professional lyrics. We always want to listen to our hottest and best songs anytime, anywhere. Therefore, more music players are released more and more because of its convenience. Among them, there are famous applications such as Spotify, Appple Music, PowerAudio Pro Music Player, Deezer Music Premium, TIDAL Premium … The application that we want to introduce to you today is JOOX Music.

JOOX Music is a music application on mobile phones, released a long time ago by Tencent Mobility. With impressive features, this application quickly attracted a large number of users. It’s in the “Editor’s Choice” list on Google Play. Along with that are hundreds of millions of downloads and nearly 6 million active visits from users.

Relieve stress with Joox Music

Music has many different effects in our lives. For example, the party will be more exciting with the right songs. Or when you are stressed, tired from work or study, music will relieve you. Research has shown that listening to soothing music can help relieve stress and reduce anxiety. Or, during long trips on planes, cars, trains, you can listen to music to speed up time, forget about fatigue.

Another effect of music is that it makes it easier for you to fall asleep. Many people with long-term sleep deprivation improve their problems with music. Just wear headphones and play deep, soothing music, they will put you to sleep more easily. And all of the above is possible with JOOX Music. This music player will accompany you anytime, anywhere. If you are a music lover, you can’t miss this app!

Perfect music player

With JOOX Music, you can enjoy millions of other local and international music. In addition, you also experience more than 50 radio stations with a huge number of songs. JOOX Music also integrates both Karaoke and video streaming features that you can enjoy with your friends. Wherever your phone is, a world of music will be in your hand.

Large music store

JOOX Music owns a huge music collection including many famous music backgrounds in the world. The application also constantly updates the hottest songs for you to easily find. Each song will have lyrics so you can easily sing along or use in Karaoke. You can also create a playlist so that it always plays your favorite songs. Suggestion will suggest related songs based on the genre of music you listen to.


Just like other music apps, JOOX Music allows you to download music. You will be able to download your favorite songs just over the internet. Then you can listen again at any time without network connection. Give yourself a playlist with cool songs to enjoy whenever you want.

It has bookmark feature for your favorite songs. This feature is not only to help you listen to songs you like, but also to keep track of your listening preferences. Thereby, the system will be based on that to automatically play songs with the same theme or with the same artist. The fact that you listen to any kind of music regularly is remembered by Joox and classifies your preferences. Therefore, this application will better understand what you are interested in. In addition, new songs are constantly being updated to help you not miss any trending songs.

Share your favorite songs with friends and relatives. Another cool feature is that you can also stream in JOOX Music. This feature helps you get closer to the artists you love. Customize your playlists to your liking with the personalization feature. JOOX Music also collects a lot of music videos, exclusive interviews with famous singers or documentaries …

Summary of main features of JOOX Music

  • Huge music store millions of songs from around the world
  • Access more than 50 radio stations with huge number of songs and hits
  • Suggestion system, which automatically plays based on interests and songs related to the song you are listening to
  • The lyrics are clear in the original language, so you can sing along like a karaoke app
  • Personalization, allowing you to bookmark your favorite songs, create playlists with any theme
  • Share your favorite songs with friends via social networks
  • Stream any song with JOOX Live
  • In addition to listening to music, you can watch music videos, exclusive interviews and documentaries
  • Play songs on demand
  • Download music for offline listening
  • High quality sound for music playback
  • There are no audio ads in the songs

MOD APK version of JOOX Music

VIP version

Compared to the free version mentioned above, this VIP version is much more upgraded. You will be able to play songs on demand and the highest quality sound. The most important feature in this VIP package is to download music offline. You can easily enjoy new hits or recommended songs from your friends without the need for an internet connection. In addition, the ad will also be removed to avoid annoying you.

MOD feature

You will have to pay a large amount to own the VIP package of JOOX Music. But with our JOOX Music VIP APK version, you will experience completely free. At no cost, you can have all of JOOX Music’s greatest features.

Installation Instructions

  • The first step, you need to uninstall the original from Google Play
  • Scroll down, download JOOX Music VIP APK file from REDMOD’s link
  • Once downloaded, open the APK file to proceed with the installation. Installation takes about 30 seconds to several minutes
  • Once installed, just log in to start enjoying your music with JOOX Music

Download JOOX Music MOD APK for Android

JOOX Music is extremely convenient for music lovers. Enjoying great music anytime, anywhere, it’s easy. The most intuitive feeling is from you, download and experience and send your reviews to us. Click on the link below to begin the installation.

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