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Mobile devices are evolving day by day, so everything can be done by smartphones. From photo editing, video editing to entertainment like listening to music, playing games on the phone is also more. In today’s article, we introduce you to an international music application. This application owns a huge music store with a variety of unique features. That is Spotify, the world’s most popular music player today.

About the music player, we also have Audiomack and Gaana Music also very popular with users.

An overview of Spotify

This application has been launched since October 2008, has been 12 years now. The number of Spotify users is constantly increasing, it is always loved from users all over the world. Furthermore, this app allows you to choose from a free experience or upgrade to a premium premium version. The free version still lets you listen to all the songs in the system.

Basically, Spotify is a music streaming platform similar to Apple Music … The highlight of Spotify compared to other platforms is its ability to support cross-platform music. Therefore, you can listen to music online completely free on many different devices such as phones, tablets, computers …

You can search for any artist in the world, or your favorite music that suits your mood to bring a better experience in every moment of relaxation. Here are the salient features of this app.

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Enjoy the largest music store

Spotify offers a huge music store for you to experience. You can easily find your favorite songs here. Spotify has songs from most countries around the world. Because its goal is to target global users. Thanks to that, users can both listen to music and learn other languages scientifically.

The system will categorize songs in many different categories such as theme, genre, artist, album, … for you to choose from. From there, you can easily choose the song that suits your needs. You can choose from gentle ballads, to exciting songs like Rock, Rap, …

Not to say Spotify is the music platform with the largest number of songs, but also one of the largest. And of course, such applications are not many. Spotify is intended for users around the world. But it’s not exclusive to a certain country. Anyone who owns the official copyright of the song is posted on this platform. The most important condition is copyrighted music.

Smart suggestion feature

This music player also enhances the user experience. The system will give suggestions according to your preferences based on your daily music listening habits. For example, songs performed by the same artist, songs with the same theme, same genre, … This is a pretty important feature for each music player. You do not need to spend a lot of time searching for suitable songs, the system will automatically suggest you the most suitable results.

This smart feature of Spotify is developed by extremely sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI). Therefore, this feature is getting better and better every day. Thereby, the user experience is getting better and better. The AI analyzes your habits intelligently and scientifically, so the suggestions it offers are sure to make you happy.

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User friendly interface

Spotify’s interface is also an advantage over today’s music applications. With an intuitive, friendly interface, Spotify can impress you from the first time you visit the application. Simple home screen menu design for easy familiarization. The search bar is always present on the interface for you to search for the desired keyword. Right after you search, the system will immediately display the most accurate results and the most relevant results. Even if you search for a completely inaccurate keyword, the song you are looking for will appear.

Constantly updating new content

With the world’s leading music store, of course Spotify must regularly update new content. The hottest songs from all over the world are added to the system as soon as possible. Thanks to that, you will not miss any songs that are popular in the market. This is also a very important point of each music application. Without adding new content, any music player application will certainly lose many users.

Compare Spotify with other music applications


Compared to other free and paid music apps today, Spotify has a lot of advantages. Top of that is a huge music collection collected from every country in the world. The sound quality when listening to music on Spotify is also highly appreciated. In addition, the user experience on this application is very good. It always aims to provide the best user experience in terms of content and interface.


With many advantages, but Spotify still has some shortcomings. In the past, you could refer to the currently playing lyrics easily. But the developer has unexpectedly removed this feature. This makes a lot of Spotify users dissatisfied. Many users consider this music application as a language learning tool. But now they no longer experience that feature.

Another downside of Spotify is that the price for the Premium version is quite high. So a lot of users are not eligible to upgrade this version. Compared to other music platforms today, Spotify is currently at the top of the highest price for a music application.

Introducing a number of other music app

Joox Music MOD APK: This is a pretty big music platform and is favored by many users around the world. The advantage of that application is that the price for the premium version is not too expensive like other high-end platforms. However, its music store cannot be compared to Spotify.

Deezer Music Player: This is also a major music platform today, favored by many people. Its price is also cheaper than Spotify or Apple Music. This is a great option for those who are not eligible for Spotify.

Smule VIP: If you love singing, this will be a great app for you. This application allows you to sing a duet with famous singers around the world. This is a very unique music application that you should not miss. You can sing any song you like.

Top user reviews on Google Play

As a leading music platform in the world, Spotify has received a lot of reviews from users. Of course there will be positive reviews and bad reviews about this app. Here are some of the most prominent Google Play reviews for Spotify.

“It’s really great, I can find any song in this platform. But one thing that makes me wonder is the price for the Premium version is quite high”

“The song has just been released, I found it on Spotify not long after. The update rate of this app is impressive!”

“Good app, ok listening to music, quick song update, but I can’t listen to the songs I like right from the beginning but only listen for a while. And why does my mobile app have no buttons (random or listen to only one song) and can’t go back to the songs I have just listened to. Please fulfill my need. “

“Initially used quite well, but a few days later, suddenly a shuffle mode popped up so I couldn’t listen to the song I wanted and there were advertisements. Can you show me how to turn it off. That shuffle mode?, but I’m really annoyed “

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MOD APK (Premium) version of Spotify Premium

Premium version

In addition to the free music service Spotify also introduces many premium services. These editions have to be paid for each month. The prices of their accounts will vary depending on the country you are in. They not only have one premium package, but split into multiple packages to serve multiple user systems. Because the users of this music platform have many classes. For example people who work, people go to school or people with family. Developers that understand that should give users more options. Here are the basic packages that you can choose from.

For students

The first package that the developer brings is Hulu for students. With this version, you will get a 50% discount on premium services for 4 years. To be able to sign up for and use this plan, you will need to verify your identity. The only way you can verify it is by using SheerID. This Spotify offer is not limited to any country, as long as you are verified as a student you can sign up.

But you should note, this package is not forever, it is only valid for 4 years. Because the average number of years for universities worldwide is four years. After that time is over, you want to use premium services, you will be required to subscribe to Spotify Premium.

Spotify Premium plan

With the Premium account you will experience more other features. If you want you can also try the 30-day Premium for free and decide whether or not to buy it.

But the Premium package is also divided into three different versions. There is a personal version and a Duo or family version. For individual Duo version, only one user can use the Premium account. But with Family or Duo plan, you can apply to the whole family or friends. With the Famlily package, you and other members can log in together to use the service. By using multiple people with the same account, you and other members save even more money. Here are the premium features of the Premium version:

  • Enjoy every song, on your phone, tablet, computer
  • Easily download songs to listen offline
  • Lets download music copyrighted
  • Enjoy better quality sound
  • Listen to higher quality music
  • Listen to music without annoying ads
  • Sign up, 30 day trial to decide whether you pay or not
  • You can cancel the package whenever you like

MOD feature

We have brought you a completely free version of Spotify Premium APK. You can easily download and install it with the APK file. But you need to uninstall the original version, in order to use our MOD version. You need to read the important information of the MOD below.

  • If you already have an account and have used this app before, please download the MOD v1 version.
  • And when you do not have an account and register a new account to use, please download the MOD v2.
  • If you download the MOD v1 version and cannot log in, then try the v2 version.
  • Note: Some server-side features still require payment to use


Is Spotify the biggest music platform right now?

Of course, this is a major major music platform today. However, compared to other high-end platforms, Spotify also has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we cannot say which is the biggest musical foundation.

Should I upgrade to Premium version?

Definitely, as the differences between the Premium and the free versions are huge. There are many great features included in the level version.

Are Spotify Premium APK files safe?

You can be completely assured of our APK file. This file has been thoroughly tested and tested. So it won’t pose any danger to your device.

Do the MOD features really work?

Of course yes. These features work well. If you are unable to use those features, please contact us for free support.

Do I need to update a new version for the MOD version?

Older versions of Spotify can work fine even if you don’t upgrade. But in order not to miss out on the new features, you should upgrade Spotify. REDMOD will regularly upgrade a new version for Spotify as soon as possible.

Is using the MOD version banned from account?

If you use the MOD version, there is a possibility that your account is disabled. So, you should use those extra Gmail or Facebook accounts to log in.

Download Spotify MOD APK latest version for Android

Thanks to unique and useful features for users, Spotify is rated as one of the best music applications today. It is a direct competitor to such a big brand as Apple Music. Spotify has now received over 500 million downloads from Google Play. And the number of downloads is still increasing very fast. Because Spotify keeps improving user quality and adding new features. The Spotify Premium APK download link is ready, you can download it now!

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