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Mobile devices are growing, so everything can be done by smartphones. From photo editing, video editing to entertainment such as listening to music, playing games on the phone more. In today’s article, we introduce you to an international music application. This application owns a huge music store and a series of unique features.

That’s Spotify, the world’s leading popular music player. This application has been launched since October 2008, up to now it has been 12 years. And the number of Spotify users is constantly increasing, it has always been favored by users around the world. Moreover, this application allows you to choose the free experience or upgrade the paid Premium version. The free version allows you to listen to all the songs in the system.

An overview of Spotify

Basically, Spotify is an online music streaming platform similar to Apple Music … Spotify’s highlight compared to other platforms is its ability to support multi-platform music. Therefore, you can listen to music online for free on many different devices such as phones, tablets, computers …

You can search for any artist in the world, or your favorite music that suits your mood to bring a better experience in every moment of relaxation. Here are the salient features of this app:

Enjoy the largest music store

Spotify brings a huge repository of music for you to experience. You can easily find your favorite songs here. Spotify has songs from most countries in the world. Because its goal is to target global users.

The system will classify the songs with many different categories such as themes, genres, singers, albums, … for you to choose. From there, you can easily select the song that suits your mood. You can choose from soothing ballad songs, to exciting songs like Rock, ….

This music player also enhances the user experience. The system will make suggestions according to your preferences based on your daily listening habits. Examples include songs sung by singers, songs with the same subject, same genre, …

User friendly interface

Spotify’s interface is also an advantage over current music applications. With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, Spotify can impress you from the first time you access the application. Designing the menu items on the home screen is easy for you to get used to. The search bar is always on the interface for you to search for keywords.

Constantly updating new content

With the world’s leading music store, of course Spotify has to constantly update new content. The hottest new songs worldwide are added to the system soonest. Thanks to that, you will not miss any popular songs on the market.

Compare Spotify with other music applications


Compared to other free and paid music apps today, Spotify has a lot of advantages. Top of that is a huge music collection collected from every country in the world. The sound quality when listening to music on Spotify is also highly appreciated. In addition, the user experience on this application is very good. It always aims to provide the best user experience in terms of content and interface.


With many advantages, but Spotify still has some shortcomings. In the past, you could easily reference the lyrics that were playing. But the developer removed this feature unexpectedly. This makes a lot of Spotify users unhappy.

Another downside of Spotify is that the price for the Premium version is quite high. So a lot of users are not eligible to upgrade this version.

Spotify Premium Version APK

In addition to the free music service Spotify also introduces the Premium service. This version has to pay monthly. The price of a Premium account will vary depending on the country you are located in. In the US, this premium package costs $ 9.99.

With Premium account you will experience many other features. If you want you can also try the 30-day Premium for free and decide whether to buy it or not. Here are the premium features of the Premium version:

  • Enjoy every song, on your phone, tablet, computer
  • Easily download songs to listen offline
  • Lets download music copyrighted
  • Enjoy better quality sound
  • Listen to higher quality music
  • Listen to music without annoying ads
  • Sign up, 30 day trial to decide whether you pay or not
  • You can cancel the package whenever you like

However, we have brought you a completely free version of Spotify Premium APK. You can easily download and install it with the APK file. But you need to uninstall the original version, in order to use our MOD version. You need to read the important information of the MOD below.

  • If you already have an account and have used this app before, please download the MOD v1 version.
  • And when you do not have an account and register a new account to use, please download the MOD v2.
  • If you download the MOD v1 version and cannot log in, then try the v2 version.
  • Note: Some server-side features still require payment to use

Download Spotify Premium APK

Thanks to unique and useful features for users, Spotify is rated as one of the best music applications today. It is a direct competitor to such a big brand as Apple Music. Spotify has now received over 500 million downloads from Google Play. And the number of downloads is still increasing very fast. Because Spotify keeps improving user quality and adding new features. The Spotify Premium APK download link is ready, you can download it now!

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