Resso v3.7.3 Mod APK (VIP/Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 30/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.7.3
MOD Info:VIP/Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Moon Video Inc
Genre:Music - Audio
Package:Google Play Link

Download Resso MOD APK so you can connect with millions of people who share the same passion for music as you! This is the perfect music streaming app for you to express yourself. In particular, you will be impressed with its extremely eye-catching interface theme.a

Introduce about Resso

Now, very few users simply listen to music as before. In addition to good songs, they need to find an application that meets other factors. It can be beautiful interfaces and direct interaction between many users. With that in mind, we’ve discovered a perfect app. That is Resso MOD APK, an online music player that is very popular today. With many powerful features, this application can confidently meet many needs of users.

Resso APK 444x791
Beautiful music playback interface and many utility options

Vast song collection

Like Spotify, Resso owns an extremely large music store. Nearly all the songs in the world are searchable within this app. Do you like great US-UK songs or stylish KPOP? Enter the name of that song in the search bar, you will quickly get the results and start enjoying it. Resso also constantly updates the latest songs on the world charts. The update speed of this application is excellent, because the system will scan 24/24. So we’re confident in saying that you can search for any song, even the latest.

Song quality

The songs in Resso to be taken from the original product from the melody to the lyrics. It is also played with the best sound quality for you to fully enjoy. In addition, this application also updates covers or remixes of the original song. Therefore, you will hear a wider variety of genres with extremely unique melodies.

The special thing about this application is that it can play songs with 3D sound. This is a high-end audio line, hard to find in common applications. With 3D sound, you will feel the song more fanciful and uplifting. Together with headphones, it will make a great combination never seen before.

Resso also allows users to customize the sound and audio format played. The same song, you can play in different styles. For example, Jazz, Pop, EDM… are among the most commonly seen music styles. You can play any song that runs on those musical styles. This will create many exciting new versions.

Suggestions according to user’s mood

No app does better than Resso at recommendations! Indeed, this application is capable of analyzing user habits and moods through playlists. After a series of songs you’ve listened to, the system will suggest other related songs. For example, if you are listening to songs by Taylor Swift, Resso will suggest you many similar songs by this singer. What if the playlist you are listening to is all fun and exciting songs? Resso will see that you are having fun, it will recommend many of the hottest EDM, POP songs in the world. Extremely smart and useful, this application always enhances the user experience.

Resso 444x791
Listen to the Radio that suits your mood

Create a favorite playlist

You can optionally create as many playlists of your favorite music on Resso. Create playlists by genre, by artist or collection of all the songs you’re looking to listen to. The benefit of creating playlists is that you’ll always hear your favorite songs. In addition, this is also convenient for sharing with your relatives and friends. They will easily get a list of the best songs according to your feelings to enjoy together.

Comment on the song

Do you like a song? Want to leave your review on it? Resso will let you do that with the comment feature. Below each song, there will be a separate comment section for users. There you can rate, give comments and songs. With that, if you are looking for a song, you can also see reviews from other users. Do they love this song or not? Are there any negative comments about the quality of the song? From there you can quickly decide whether to listen to it or not, saving a lot of time.

Upload your product

You can share your own songs and covers on Resso’s music store. There, many other users can find your song and enjoy. If they find it good, they will leave their comments below the song. From there you will have more motivation to make more new products. Who knows, one day, you will be famous and known by more people. Your quality products will be spread to more and more people.

Connecting the Resso community

Resso is not simply an online music player, it is also a place to connect many users together. From there, everyone will create a vibrant, passionate and cohesive community. Everyone can talk together about their musical interests. In addition, you can share songs for everyone to listen to and evaluate. Share your playlists to show off your unique musical style. The Resso community is growing stronger and reaching more users around the world.

Resso MOD 444x791
Create your own playlist of favorite songs

Application interface

Resso owns an extremely beautiful interface with many visual effects. Colorful themes create a fervor for each song. The monitor plays with up-and-down pulses like those of a DJ table, great for upbeat songs and EDM. If you play a deep, sad song, light, airy images will be displayed. This is one of the smart and convenient features of Resso.

Regarding the user interface, Resso is designed to be extremely simple. The features and categories are neatly and subtly arranged so that users can easily access the contents. Resso’s play screen also shows many preset options. There you can customize the elements to your liking to make the song more diverse and unique. The simplicity of the application is suitable for every new user.

MOD APK version of Resso

MOD features

  • VIP/Premium Unlocked
  • Offline song works
  • Download works
  • Google services have been disabled

VIP and Premium are Resso’s two paid subscription options. You will be allowed access to all limited features in the free version. In addition, you get additional advanced features, depending on the subscription plan you choose. But with our MOD APK version, you will get them completely for free. No need to register and renew, you can use VIP and Premium forever.

Note: Only works when logging in to your phone/Facebook

Download Resso MOD APK for Android

Resso will take your music experience to the next level. With the features that I have, this application will satisfy every fastidious user. Not only listening to music anymore, now you can be active in a large community. Listening to music is more interesting, more fun when you have friends to enjoy. The beautiful interface with many unique themes is also part of the appeal of Resso. Much more, you can learn and discover when you download Resso MOD APK now!

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