Indian Train Simulator v2024.2.3 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 27/07/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2024.2.3
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 6.0+
Publisher:Highbrow Interactive
Package:Google Play Link

Download Indian Train Simulator MOD APK so you can unlock all your favorite trains! This railway simulator will give you a lot of fun and memorable experiences.

Introducing Indian Train Simulator

Indian Train Simulator is a pretty popular train driving game today. It takes you to hundreds of beautiful cities in India. For the first time you will have a chance to live as a loco pilot. Start your railway career and make your journeys safe for passengers. The realistic graphics of the game also give you a very unique experience with train driving.

Multiple trains to choose from

More than 50 types of trains and subways are available in the game’s system. Choose from 18 existing locomotives: WAP4, WAP7, WDG-3A, WAP5, WAG7, WAG9, WDP4, WDG4, WAG7 (Tiger Face ), WAM4, WCAM-3 combine with compartments to create a love train your like. You can unlock and experience each locomotive in it in turn. Surely there will be a few locomotives that will make you comfortable while driving.

Another thing you should know, each train model will have a different control mechanism and cockpit. Therefore, the buttons can change positions, even add some new control buttons. But don’t worry about this, Indian Train Simulator will teach you how to start trains and new controls!

Safe trips

You can use trains to carry passengers or goods. Depending on the assigned task, you have to be flexible to complete it. If you have reasonable calculations, you can completely carry both customers and goods at the same time and still be delivered on time. Your aim in each mission is to be safe, on time and at the right place. More than 32 different stops around India that you can go to. Each successful safe trip is to help you gain more confidence in your driving skills as well as bonuses.

The railway system and the station completely behave like the real world. The perfect handling system allows multiple trains to move at the same time without colliding with each other. Players just need to focus on driving and choose the stops that suit the customer’s requirements. You will be relying entirely on the signal and watching the switches change. This means you’ll find yourself stopping trains on any of the platforms available at each station.

Satisfy the customers

The authentic element of Indian Train Simulator also lies in the customer’s attitude. If you meet all their needs well, you are sure to have many guests join the trip. Therefore, try to serve all your customers well. After each trip, they will have feedback on the station’s system. They will display attitudes such as satisfied, normal or dissatisfied. This feedback is extremely important to your future work. The trick to keeping your customers happy is to obey traffic laws, drive at the speed limit, and use information from the signaling system to drive safer.

Multiple levels of play

In story mode, you will be given specific instructions on each job. From learning to drive to joining companies with a driving position to your first trip. That is the premise for you to develop with your passion in this industry. Take on the role of Rookie Assistant Loco Pilot Karthik Kumar in the first season as he kicks off his career with Indian Railways in this action packed story experience.

After this, you can confidently experience some new modes. More than 20 levels are available to challenge your amazing driving ability. Each challenge will require you to perform different tasks. Along with that, many interesting gifts are waiting for you after every successful trip. But above all, you will gain more train driving experience after each challenge.


The simulation games published by Highbrow Interactive all have quite realistic graphics. The highly detailed images show the beauty of India. More than 25 camera angles, photo modes to take stunning screenshots. Richly detailed driving cabins for every locomotive, Realistic horn sounds and movements created by passing cars. Dynamic time and weather add to the realism of the game.

MOD APK version of Indian Train Simulator

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money: you can buy everything in the store even if you don’t have enough money

Download Indian Train Simulator MOD APK bản mới nhất cho Android

Don’t miss Indian Train Simulator if you love train driving! This is the perfect game for you to practice driving and doing real trips. You will be even more interested in the game’s extremely realistic graphics through highly detailed images. Challenge your self now through difficult levels in the game!

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