Welcome to Primrose Lake 3 v1.3 Mod APK (Unlocked)

Last updated: 26/07/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.3
MOD Info:Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.1+
Publisher:GameHouse Original Stories
Package:Google Play Link

Welcome to Primrose Lake 3 MOD APK is a simulation game, played in a time management style. It gives you an extremely interesting experience with many different game modes.

Introducing Welcome to Primrose Lake 3

Welcome to Primrose Lake 3 was just released at the end of July recently. You can easily download the free experience from Google Play or the AppStore. But in this article, REDMOD offers you the MOD version with a special Unlock feature. This feature helps you to experience the game completely for free.

Continue the story at Primrose Lake

Welcome to Primrose Lake 3 is not a new game. It is published by GameHouse Original Stories. As the name suggests, it is the third installment in the series of the same name. As in the previous two parts, players have been discovering interesting stories in Primrose Lake. Coming to the 3rd version, you are still taken to that location to start learning completely new stories.

A little reminder of Primrose Lake, this is a beautiful little town nestled in the Rocky Mountains. New arrival, you only see the peace and beauty of this town. But when you’re there, you’ll discover many quirky stories. Your task in this game is to explore and solve those strange stories.

Discover many fascinating stories

The gameplay in Welcome to Primrose Lake 3 is mostly exploratory. In this beautiful town, every citizen has their own story. They got into trouble about various things that they couldn’t solve on their own. You are the one who can help them. Be a kind person, help the friendly people of this town have a happy and joyful life.

Meet many characters

With that said, you will discover many stories with different themes. In each of those stories, you get to meet new characters. Each story is a new character. Here are the main stories in this 3rd edition:

  • Rebecca’s Treasure Hunt
  • Jenny’s love story
  • Primrose’s Family Mystery
  • Sheriff Peggy’s Troubles
  • And many more interesting stories to be added in the future!

Play mini games

In addition to the main gameplay of exploring the characters’ stories, Welcome to Primrose Lake 3 also offers mini games for you to entertain. Those are fairly simple puzzle levels. These levels are not too difficult, mainly for you to have a new experience. Completing them, you will receive valuable rewards.

Premium version of GHOS

If you download the game and play it for free, you can only experience the first phase of the game. Those are few starter stories that the developer wants to pique your curiosity. And you have to spend money to upgrade to the premium GHOS package. This is a special package, helping you to experience the entire content in the game. With this version, you can play all the existing stories and also new stories added in the future.

MOD APK version of Welcome to Primrose Lake 3

MOD features

Unlocked: As mentioned, the game offers a premium version of GHOS with diverse content for you to explore. And of course, many players don’t like that, or can’t afford to buy paid content. So Welcome to Primrose Lake 3 MOD APK is made for you. MOD version unlocked all paid content. You just need to download, install and experience.

Download Welcome to Primrose Lake 3 MOD APK latest version for Android

Overall, Welcome to Primrose Lake 3 still offers the same familiar gameplay as the previous two versions. But with new stories, you will have completely new experiences. Surely you will find it interesting, not boring with the familiar gameplay. Welcome to Primrose Lake 3 MOD APK download link is ready below for you!

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