Nightmares: Creepy Insomnia v0.0.5 Mod APK (No Ads)

Last updated: 12/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:0.0.5
MOD Info:No Ads
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:AlexPlay LLC
Package:Google Play Link

Nightmares: Creepy Insomnia MOD APK is a simulation game with a unique gameplay like never before, you have never seen in any other game. It is developed with a completely opposite storyline compared to normal games.

Introducing Nightmares: Creepy Insomnia

This game was released in early October by AlexPlay LLC. Accordingly, it was developed with a fairly simple simulation gameplay. You will become the Shadow King and go to sow nightmares for everyone. This horror but makes you feel happy and excited. This gameplay seems simple, but extremely addictive for you!

Unique plot

Usually, other role-playing games let you transform into heroes and gods who bring peace and beauty to mankind. But this type of storyline seems to be too boring for players. Therefore, the game Nightmares: Creepy Insomnia has been built with an extremely unique storyline. In the game, instead of playing the role of an angel or a hero, you become the King of Darkness. You are the one who brings terrifying dreams to everyone.

Almost everyone in the world is afraid of ghosts, demons and horror dolls and clowns. They are obsessed with that seemingly simple image, but can cause fear and confusion. And they will have nightmares when they dream about those things. Yet you feel excited about it. You hunt the scariest things, to bring them into people’s dreams. When the whole city falls asleep, it’s time for you to get active and carry out this evil mission.

The main task

As introduced, your main task is to bring horrible dreams to people. The game is divided into locations according to many different cities. Each city has many houses and people for you to start your scary work. You will go to each place one by one, and bring the horror stories into the dreams of the people. Their fear is your joy. And your goal is to send as much fear to as many people as possible. You will rule the night with your haunting nightmares.

Upgrade more terror dreams

Initially, you have a number of different horror stories such as ghosts, demons, ghost dolls, spooky clowns… You can choose them to send into the dreams of whoever you want. But if there are only some recurring dreams then you will get bored. So you need to level up the fear for those dreams. Unlock new creepy locations and new horror stories to bring them into everyone’s dreams. New monsters, new ghosts will stimulate your curiosity, and make people feel much more scared. And of course, you will enjoy it.

Beautiful design images

Although the graphics in the game Nightmares: Creepy Insomnia is only 2D, its images are still appreciated by players. That’s thanks to the extremely impressive visual design. As you can see in the images introduced in this article, the entire scene in the game is covered in dark black. The things that appear in the game all appear thanks to the mysterious light. Those two black and white tones create mystery and horror for this game. In addition, there are extremely eye-catching shapes such as monsters, clowns, ghost dolls, death gods… In general, the images in the game make an important contribution to the success of Nightmares: Creepy Insomnia.

MOD APK version of Nightmares: Creepy Insomnia

MOD feature

  • Remove Ads: While you play the game, video ads appear unexpectedly making you uncomfortable. Even, you are required to see the ad but cannot turn it off immediately after appearing. But with the MOD feature, the mandatory video ads have been removed.
  • After completing the level, wait 5 seconds, then click the button that appears.

Download Nightmares: Creepy Insomnia MOD APK latest version for Android

Nightmares: Creepy Insomnia gives you a completely new experience. Make sure you have never played a game with such gameplay. The game is well-completed in terms of gameplay as well as visuals. Therefore, it is being loved by many players, even though it has only been released for a few days. How about you? Download now Nightmares: Creepy Insomnia MOD APK to experience, you will definitely love it!

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