Watcher Chronicles v1.3.4 Mod APK (Unlocked)

Last updated: 06/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.3.4
MOD Info:Unlocked
Requires:Android 9.0+
Publisher:Third Sphere Game Studios
Package:Google Play Link

Watcher Chronicles is an attractive adventure role-playing game released by Third Sphere Game Studios. With Watcher Chronicles MOD APK version, you can experience this exciting game in its entirety.

Introducing Watcher Chronicles

If you’re looking for a classic dungeon-adventure RPG, check out Watcher Chronicles. This role-playing game lets you experience a simple but very engaging gameplay. Combined with that is an eye-catching 2D graphics background, vivid sound effects.


The story in the game takes place in the medieval period, in a mysterious purgatory. This place is being invaded by an evil force. They want to change the order here, and create a new hell to be ruled by them. They are formidable monsters, formed from skeletons. The heroes here couldn’t let that happen, they fought together with that force to protect purgatory. With sharp swords and strong shields, the warriors bravely defeated those monsters. Join the game, you are one of the warriors with a noble mission, which is to protect purgatory.

Adventure role-playing gameplay

Your main task in the game is just to control your character to fight the enemy. Initially, your character only has a sword, and you must defeat the skeletons to pass the first levels. You have to complete missions in each different area. In each area there are many challenges and difficulties for you to solve.

Once you get through the soldiers, you have to face the giant BOSS at the end of each location. These BOSS are very difficult to destroy and it can attack you. If you don’t have a good skill, you will be defeated by it in a moment. Therefore, choose the best weapon to confront them. The game currently has up to 20 powerful BOSS names for you to conquer.

Combat skills in the game are very important. You must know how to combine movement, attack and defense. Every move or every move needs your ingenuity and calculation. In addition, your character also has powerful magic like lightning, fire wave to defeat enemies faster.

Equipment and weapon system

In terms of characters, the game does not have many characters for you to choose from. Instead, you can customize and upgrade your main character with items and weapons. The basic items for your warrior are costumes, swords, shields, hats, … Each type of equipment has its own effect, divided by ability to attack or defend. These weapons and equipment play a very important role in the war. Combining weapons with inherent spells makes it possible to defeat any enemy.

Play with friends

Game Watcher Chronicles offers two interesting ways to play for players. The basic way is that you play single player by controlling via the touch screen as usual. The second way is to play with your friends. The game allows you to connect to a handheld controller, to play two-player mode. Thanks to that, you can together with another friend conquer the challenges in this game.

Graphics and sound

Watcher Chronicles is developed with 2D graphics that are not too impressive. The images in the game are designed in a cartoon style with eye-catching shapes. The environment in the game, the visual design, the shadow effects or the lighting effects in the game are all quite well done. Along with that are the background music, sound effects to help the game come to life.

MOD APK version of Watcher Chronicles

MOD features


Game Watcher Chronicles can be downloaded and experienced for free. However, you can only play the first area of the game. If you want to continue the experience, you have to spend money to unlock the remaining areas. So we created a completely free version of Watcher Chronicles MOD APK. This version has all paid content purchased. You just need to download the game, install it and experience it!

Download Watcher Chronicles MOD APK latest version for Android

In general, the gameplay of Watcher Chronicles is quite simple but has great attraction. Players will have the feeling of wanting to conquer the challenges in the game. A series of dramatic and attractive levels are waiting for you to explore. It doesn’t take much of your time, right here is the link to download Watcher Chronicles MOD APK for you!

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